Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers day to all the men out there.

This is going to be a quick post as I plan to spend fathers day just watching football. Brazil playing in a few so cant miss that.

Well this is my first father's day being a father. What can I say it is what it is. They tell me I'm doing a good job, I'll have to take their word for it cause I still say the verdicts out.

Anyway big up to my own dad. Was thinking about him the other day and all the cool stuff he thought me as a child so hopefully I can pass on some of my knowledge to the yout. Actually we watched Iran vs Portugal yesterday together maybe I can teach him some football skills early lol.

On another note had what my wife termed our first official family outing yesterday when we went to Barbados on the Water down at the Harborfront Centre. Didn't spend a lot of time but did get to see the Israel Lovell foundation put on an excellent performance. Tuk Band, Steel Pan, Dance, Mother Sally, Shaggy Bear, Stiltmen, etc it was nice. But is since when the shaggy bear man start breakdancing? lol. Only compliant and its rather tongue in cheek but maybe I should address this one to Titilayo is that the girl on the pan was beating the poor pan too hard. If ya kno she tell she we going arrest her for pan brutalization. Lawd ave mercy I did feel fa de poor pan. Cuhdear! Naa the pan woman was really good actually lots of presence as was all the group.

Actually this years Barbados on the Water seemed to draw quite a few people. It appeared to be a bigger crowd than last year although I must say I didn't see many people I know like I usually do although had the chance to make the acquaintance of another of the T-dot bloggers. No name call but I can say she is a lovely young lady. Boy seems like all the T dot bloggers real good looking ...except me I guess somebody got to balance it out.

On another note got to big up my people at Afropan again today. This Saturday, the 24th, we have a recital/concert/fundraiser/band launch/lime over next to Lamport stadium starting at 1pm. Admission is free, no money, no hurt on ya pockets so if you counting that is like 5 events for the price of none. Plus is Trini people so ya dun know it might turn into a fete. Oh goosh boy 6 events fa nuttin eh he! Ya cant beat that! You get to see the classes performing, the main stageside players perform, meet new people, hear some music, eat some food and play some games. It going be nice nice! So anyone in Toronto who want a nice relaxing way to spend next Saturday come through, I'll be there and I might even beat a pan an gi ya a special seranade (bring ya earplugs if ya see me on a pan).

Go Brazil! I gone


~b*b~ said...

happy 1st father's day to you! glad to hear the turn out at harbourfornt was nice. i haven't been since '03 when krosfyah played.

obifromsouthlondon said...

happy fathers day jdid. the first one is always the best. many more

Brotha Buck said...

Happy first father's day, man. Don't it feel good!

Ravenbajan said...

Happy 1st Father's Day Jdid!

jelli said...

Happy Firat Father's Day too ya!!

Luke Cage said...

So how's the first father's day feel man??? Waaay to go! Hope you had yourself a great day pahtna!

Nikki said...

I hope you had a great first Father's Day!

Amadeo said...

Happy belated Big Piece of Chicken day! Brazil Rocks...I don't even know what happened to Team USA...but I don't think it matters.

SP said...

Happy Belated Father's Day!

Campfyah said...

Hope you enjoyed yuh Father's Day. Bare bacchaal was in de streest of Caraas yesterday as Brazil played. Stages set up all ova de streets, partying everywhere. But I gonna be de sour case hey, cause I wanna see a upset by one ah de uderdog teams.

Jdid said...

@bb - thatnk you. oh man that was a while ago i was there that year too.
@obi - thanks
@buck - it did
@ravenbajan - thanks
@jelli - thanks
@luke cage - i did, thanks. felt great
@nikki - thank you i did
@amadeo - thanks lol. USA choked or the expectations were too much.
@Sp - thanks
@camp - i did. what? no man brazil needs to win

titilayo said...

Wait, you didn't know that shaggy bears does bust them sorta moves regular now? You behind the times, man! I will try to tell Miss K not to brutalise the pan so any more. Glad you enjoyed the show!