Wednesday, June 14, 2006


That was all I could say after watching my first and most definitely last episode of Canada's Next Top model tonight in between goals by Spain vs Ukraine (ps anyone else think that Spain looking real Brazil like in their style of play?)

I'm sorry its just I thought this entire top model show was pretty bad. Not that the original is that great but I kept watching hoping this one would at some point redeem itself but alas it didn't.

And why should it? Canadian Idol hasn't. Its just another example of a 'talent' reality show that's been ripped off from the American market. Canadian Idol is a watered down version of an already questionable show complete with wannabe intimidating judges which follows the American tradition of voting on popularity as opposed to talent so why should Top model be any different.

Well from my one episode of watching I'd say that the transfer of the Top model francaise to Canada is worse than the transfer of the Idol francaise.

Hey don't get me wrong I like Tricia Helfer. She's pretty cool as the Cylon Number six on Battlestar Galactica for sure but as the host of this show she just pales (no pun intended) next to Tyra.

Yea I know Tyra isn't exactly the most likeable person on America's Top model. She's arrogant, she's bossy, she's controlling, but somehow she grabs your attention and she makes the show hers. Yea its America's Top model and its supposed to be about the young girls trying to win but at the same time even while she doesn't really hog screen time everytime you do see Tyra you know and realize this is her show and its really about her. The gal have quality and charisma!

Somehow and this is a bit of stretch but her presence sort of reminds me of a Joan Collins in Dynasty where although you just cant bring yourself to like her character too much you are still somehow drawn in and cant not watch her.

Helfer on the other hand well yikes what can I say. I think the perfect example of her presence or lack thereof was at the judging where she presents the photos of the contestants who remain in the show. Her delivery was so wooden and his comments were so lame I thought to myself if fortune cookies could talk this is what they would sound like.

As for the contestants, I'm not totally blown away either. If these are the best Canada has to offer then no wonder we are perceived as the poor step brother of our neighbors to the south. The ladies are sorry some of the ladies are quite nice looking but to be honest there are no standouts no real serious headturners. I've seen quite a few better looking beauties on public transit on my daily commute to be honest.

The drama on the show looks so artificial too. I mean a girl accidentally dipped her iPod in the pool and then they spent a couple of minutes focusing on her crying and complaining about it. Who finds that riveting?

And the show's editing needs some work too. There were just too many scenes with all the girls trying to talk at once where things just sounded completely muffled.

Ok I've complained enough, I didn't even plan on blogging about this today.


Abeni said...

That's a pretty good review considering you didnt plan to write

obifromsouthlondon said...

Got the football fever yeah. Nah blood, Spain are pretenders and had their soft belly exposed by Nigeria back in WorldCup '98. but thats ancient history. Yesterday's game was brilliant and one of the best so far. game on.

Feeling the review. I think the genre is a tired one.


nahmix said...

glad to know reality tv sucks wherever you go. i'm not a tyra fan either!

Urban Sista said...

You are so on point! I tried to like the show, I really did, but it's just not working for me.

If this is all Canada has to offer, Canada's in bare trouble. I know at least 10 girls at work that look more like models than that foolish bunch they got running around the bush in Victoria... and why de hell are they in damp Victoria? De show is about fashion, not forestry. Chupse. I'm unimpressed.

Go, Trinidad, Go!

Luke Cage said...

Pretty thorough review there brotha J. I know about the craze that ANTM is making here in the states. I never realized that there was a Canadian version. And from the looks of your review, I'm guessing that the show just isn't that good now is it? -lol- lets see how the numbers do. Sometimes bad shows find a kind of heartbeat because of something different that distances it from the American version.

solitaire said...

Mi a still wonda seh why Jamaica nuh inna di Worl Cup. A wha wrang wid dem?

CNTM... I nevah even did watch di show (nuh ave nuh TV!) but yes that was me that posted. I have no clue who she is (she looked familiar at first, but realized it wasn't the same chick). It looks lame as hell. Just as Canadian Idol is lame (did you hear the judges trying to get all gangsta? WRONG WAY TO ATTRACT PUBLICITY).

Ri said...

If AI was judged on popularity I dont think Taylor would have won.

Campfyah said...

Never got into the Top Model thing, didn't like the few episodes I I can only feel yuh pain concerning de Canadian version.

Man I hey wid vex football fever since TnT get beat today.

Anvilcloud said...

Well, love it or hate it, it is NOT a ripoff of an American show. The original is/was British. From there it has gone to all sorts of countries. Personally, I like it, but I'm old and doddering into my dotage. Rock on.