Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Homegrown aka Terrorists play basketball too

(written last sunday)

Lil Khalil got a gun
he got from the rebels to kill the infidels and American devils
a bomb on his waist and mask on his face
prays 5 times a day and listens to heavy metal

Heat under the babyseat - Lupe Fiasco

Canadian Security Organizations arrested 17 young men on Friday night and Saturday morning here in southern Ontario who were allegedly concocting a terrorist plot to strike somewhere in this area.

Kudos to the police.

Evidence has been gathered, some seemingly damning like the huge amount of Ammonium fertilizer the suspects possessed which was enough for a big bomb or for working on a really, really, really big lawn, and other evidence that's kind of questionable like a barbecue grill although one could argue they may have bought that for the post attack celebration. Hey I'm just surmising here no need to put me under any sort of surveillance.

No mention has been made of where exactly these terrorists were planning on striking either, probably for fear of disturbing the public, except for the offices of the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) our equivalent of the CIA I believe. Blow up the CSIS building hmmm one gets the feeling these alleged wannabe terrorists were watching 24 for their plan. Does Canada have a Jack Bauer? One can only hope.

The thing that seems to worry folks the most about this alleged terrorist plot is that most of the young men were not recent immigrants but were born or grew up in Canada from an early age. Homegrown terrorists they call them. Terrorists learning how to commit acts of terror here in our own country.

How can that be? Its common knowledge that all terrorists grow up in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, are trained in the madrasahs of Pakistan and then wage jihad in the mountains of Afghanistan. Unless you are John W a l. k. e r L. i n. d h, Timothy M c V. e. i g h or Richard R e. i. d of course but those are exceptions to the rule. Terrorists aren't supposed to be playing basketball on the streets of Toronto, living in a basement apartment in Scarborough or going to night school in Mississauga. They aren't supposed to be your next door neighbors, the guy you share a seat with on the subway or the person who takes your order at Burger King. Now that's downright scary!

Well I'm sorry that this weekend's arrests have burst that bubble but terrorists can seemingly emerge from anywhere. Do not for an instant think that because someone was born here or raised here he/she cannot have issues with the system, the politics, the doctrines, the foreign policies etc and be persuaded to resort to violence. Everyone's not happy. Do not for an instant think that Canadian born youth cannot be radicalized or cannot join in some cause for which they are willing to kill and die for. I'm just saying you just don't know these days. Its the era we live in. Throw out your stereotypes anyone can be a suspect.

I wanted to make an association between these alleged terrorists and the dissidents that have grown up in numerous societies since time immemorial. Only thing is somehow every sentence I wrote made it seem like I was somehow agreeing with their cause and methods which I do not.

My point is simply that societies have always had individuals, usually young men, in their midsts who have disagreed with some point of view, been radicalized and attempted to make a point and/or change things by some means or the other whether it was with or without threat or use of violence . Possessing opposing views, speaking out on opposing views, protesting, attempting to make changes in society through peaceful means is however not criminal.

Attempting to bring society to its knees in attacks that target mainly the innocent to get attention is however criminal as well as being despicable and cowardly because lets face it you are killing not really the persons you have beef in these attacks.

Homegrown terrorists what a shock. The problem is the public is always idealistic. Not in our house we believe can people who would commit such evils emerge. Its a natural belief. You really don't want to think that these sorts of people lurk in your society because it just makes you so much more fearful, so much more untrusting, so much more worried.

There are however going to be people like that. Hopefully not a lot and hopefully they never get to a point where their plots come to fruition but they will and do and probably will forever exist. Its just the way things are in my opinion.

Not much we can do about it besides hope and pray that we will be safe.


Luke Cage said...

Ooooh yeah man. There are alot of angry Americans, as well as Canadiens who are not feeling their respective government. And not in a I disagree with your policy, but with a "you don't hear me though, but you will soon enough when I clap this bomb off in your azz!" These sort of terrorists are the worst kind. Living domestically, with no ties to foreign terrorist factions but with enough hate in their hearts and the moxy to pull their agenda off. We are just one toenail ahead of the terrorists for now, but they are gaining strength as I type this. The storm's coming man. You'd better be up under that unbrella or else you'll get rained on...

notyouraverage.... said...

i saw all that (the arrests and such) on the news for the first time last night. it's scary to think of i guess - but i'm not surprised. slwwj

Honest said...

I'm honestly surprised, Canadians are supposed to be the kinder, gentler Americans.

Abeni said...

I dunno but somehow all they were supposedly planning to do seems a bit over the is a wake up call for those who feel terrorists are from one area or religious group

dorna! said...

Point is, there are no "others". It's all "us". We raise terrorists and criminals. Time to take responsibility for our wayward sons and daughters.

gdab55 said...

I think what is singular about the Islamist phenomenon is that a disaffected youth finds a new identity through his attachment to the faith. This means that in a sense the country in which he is resident, or in which he was born, ceases to be relevant insofar as his loyalties are concerned. The fate of an Iraqi, or a Palestinian, becomes more relevant to him as a result. The final point is that Islam, like any fundamentalist faith, unalloyed with doubt (a la Anglicanism, say), provides a credo by which the alienated can live and face the vicissitudes of the modern world. Expect more of this and many more converts of every race.

Ravenbajan said...

I think they are sick... and I really don't get it.

Whether you (general you) are an immigrant or a first born generation (or anything else for that matter).... if you don't like it in this country because it doesn't fit in with your religious ideals.... THEN LEAVE! It's simple.

Blowing innocent people up does nothing but encourage hatred.

jelli said...

Wow it's really frightening to think the terrorist are "homegrown" as you put it. Glad those guys were caught before lives were lost.

Rose said...

People have so much hate now. Homegrwon terrorists. This is getting worse everywhere and its' just the beginning...

Leon said...

Heard about it too. Looks like the terrorists aren't only targeting America.

Brotha Buck said...

Right! I forgot, that incident was in your back yard!

Dr. D. said...

Saw this rass on the news when I was in the US JDid, and I really had to shake my head. Big to the Security Forces fe real. And stay safe.

BTW, WC Football all the way! :-)

Anonymous said...

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