Saturday, July 01, 2006

And in more raptors news

They just traded Charlie V. That's the first thing I saw this morning. Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn! Not only did they trade Charlie V but they just traded him for a dude in T.J Ford who spent a hell of alot of time on the injury list in the last two seasons.

I'm sorry but the Colangelo luster is wearing off with me. The Bargnani draft could go either way but in Charlie V we had a cat who in his rookie season proved that he could play with the big dogs. I mean he had a 48 point game at one point for pete sake.

Plus Charlie V was a fan and Toronto favorite. Why trade him? Ok so we needed a point guard but Charlie V for T.J Ford? Is the situation that desperate?

This is upsetting to me. Where can I go and vent about this trade. How do you trade a guy with Charlie V's potential and worth for a question mark like T.J Ford? Is Colangelo trying to clean house of every pick made by his predecessor? If I was Joey Graham I'd start packing now. The Raptors are putting a hell of a lot of faith in this Italian guy Bargnani. What's next are we going to trade Bosh for a bag of magic beans and start building around Bargnani?

Ok so no Charlie V and most likely no Mike James next year, a questionable draft pick in my opinion, Nesterovich for Bonner and we did rid ourselves of 'Hoffa' but pardon me didn't our offense get worse while our defense hasn't really improved. If the new NBA is going to fit a run and gun Phoenix style of play where the best defense is a good offense how can you lose two of your better offensive players in James and Charlie V and be better?

All I'm saying is Colangelo is betting the farm on Bargnani aka "Il Mago" and the price he paid for TJ Ford is too much. I really hope Chris Bosh buys into Colangelo's deal because if not we're going to have another Vince situation and Bosh will be out of here cause we haven't really improved this team.

Oh well the Raps are under the cap and the wheeling and dealing aint over most likely. Still Charlie V proved himself NBA caliber and him and Bosh made a great combo on the floor. I hope he lights up the Raptors for 30 plus points everytime we play Milwaukee and oh wait a minute didn't we just make another team in our conference stronger? Great way to strive for the playoffs. In the immortal words of Red Foreman the Raptors are a 'dumbass'.

Yea if the Raptors actually do well this year I'll have to eat all my words but to me this trade sucks! I'm just waiting till Bargnani turns into a bust, TJ Ford drops down with an injury and Bosh starts talking about wanting to win a championship and how management isnt doing anything to progress, that should start oh I dont know maybe two three months after he signs his big mega million dollar max contract this summer.

So long Charlie V good luck in Milwaukee. I'm a cheer for ya.


solitaire said...



*weeping and gnashing of teeth in Western Canada*

Shotta M said...

Milwaukee that's where I am. I'm sure Charlie V will be welcome with open arms here.

Radmila said...

I'm not a sports fanatic, but even though it's sad that he's been traded, his outside work will be spread.
He's done such wonderful things for the children who suffer from the same disorder he does.
He'll spread that love..and that's more important than basketball.

Rose said...

You are really into your sports...happy 4th of July

obifromsouthlondon said...

sports is a way of life innit. just thinking about the short comment above mine.

don't know this guy but taking yours and Radmila's words he must be a gem.

inciquay said...

I'm hoping that this little maneuver will pay off since TJ and Bosh used to be teammates but dayum! When will the Raptors get their shit together so I can actually watch games instead of talk through them?!

Miz JJ said...

Stupid trade. Charlie V is going to make them regret that trade when he's consistently on the highlight reel in Milwaukee.

Ri said...

Never did get into the Raptors. Isiah still coaching up there?

Leon said...

Don't know what the hell you're talking about. Just saying hi.

solitaire said...

"Never did get into the Raptors. Isiah still coaching up there?"

This person is KIDDING me, right??

(shakes head in disgust)