Thursday, July 27, 2006

Flier than a Flyer

You see, I'm flier than a flyer to a hip-hop jam

Fly MC - Special Ed

For the Toronto crew another Afropan blocko this weekend at the Afropan panyard, 1 Jefferson Ave (off King east of Dufferin) just south of Lamport Stadium. Features an evening of pan including the aforementioned Afropan along with other top Toronto steel pan groups like Pan Fantasy, Panatics and Silhouettes. Should start around 5ish I'd say. Did I mention it was FREE yep key word that free business.

But anyways promoting this little thing here got me thinking about some other promotion I did last year. Was doing a favor for some people and I end up as a designated Flyer guy outside an event.

Yea a flyer guy, you know the dudes that stand outside the jam and try to beg you to take a piece of paper into your hands as you leave the fete. Yea boy one a those guys.

So see me last year outside this venue trying to convince, read beg, patrons who were leaving as that event wound down to come over to our little FREE event down the road. Again key word free.

Well people let me tell you, I see people sending around email about worse jobs out there and showing men cleaning out elephant crap and sewers and that sort of business but I have to tell you Flyer guy has to be up there with the worse occupations in the world.


People just don't like flyers and they just don't like anyone trying to hand them a flyer whether you push it at them or even if you are the most courteous about handing them out that you can be. From the time they realize you standing up with your flyers ready to hand out their faces duz set up like rain start fall. People getting blue vex like you is the tax man tekking money from them instead of an innocent fella giving them something for free.

When you have flyers in your hand, people blatantly ignore you, tell you to carry ya bleeping bleep from roun dem, look at you like ya begging them for money, stupse at ya, tell you they aint have time for you, tek the flyers and fling them at ya, and give you some looks that duz mek ya feel less than a human being. Lawd ave mercy!

And I think I can safely say that guys are a little more receptive to receiving flyers. A guy will probably take it, take a quick peek and then dash it way if he aint interested or stick it in his pockets if he is. Women on the other hand......oh gosh don't get me started.

Maybe its because they look or they feel they looking nice, in they nice outfits, skirt match bag matching high heels and hair and all that business, that they feel that the flyer man shouldnt give them a flyer. Like them feel they is queen and you is beggar on the street "pardon mum can you spare a shilling?" or something like that. Women coming out a venue on seeing a Flyer man in their path will give you some cut eye, some you not worth the effort, some I know I better than you so move from in front a me looks that will make a man feel like he is piece of chewing gum to be scrubbed off the bottom of their shoe. Dissed and Dismissed!

Mek man feel like him should pull out resume and prove that he just doing this thing on the side and that he really aint a high school drop out and him have job and bank account and dreams and aspirations and that sort of business. Serious serious they duz look down on you like dirt and you duz feel like you need to redeem yourself somehow as you holding the flyer. Maybe you should pull out framed diploma and hold it in the next hand to mek them know that like Jesse say You are somebody and they shouldn't look on you like dog do do.


So with that experience I nominate Flyer guy as one of the worse jobs out there.

On another note just wish to say that a great lady has passed. Louise Bennett Coverley aka Miss Lou a pioneer in the field of Caribbean storytelling in we own words, none of this prim and proper exact English business, storytelling the way we duz talk, we words, we patois, we dialect died yesterday in Toronto. Clap Har! Thanks for paving the way Miss Lou. Rest in Peace!


nahmix said...

r.i.p. mis lou. it was in part, her work that got me through a semester at UWI Mona years ago. I brought two books for a 3.5 month stay and finished them in 2 weeks. I walked into a book store and randomly picked up a book filled with her poetry! what a loss!

Honest said...

I'm always pleaseant to the flyer guys or gals. Although I never want them I always accept the flyer and wait until I'm at the nearest trash can to throw it out. :-)

Guyana-Gyal said...

I couldn't believe what I heard on the radio yesterday evening, that Miss Lou died. She's been my inspiration. Rest in peace, Miss Lou.

Man JDid, you are the FUNNIEST, you had me laffing so hard.

But y'know, I always nice to them flyer guys, because I think, oooh, more scribble paper...the plain, blank side. I read it and keep it to scribble 'things to do.'

Amadeo said...

Try the Studio 54 approach it usually works with flyers. You walk up to a group and give it to one person like they're a VIP. Everyone else wonders why they didn't get one and automatically want to see what it is. When people think they can't have one they all want one.

Scratchie said...

well flyers to me is just more junk in my car. Sad at the passing of Miss Lou. She lived a good full life though.

Rose said...

Have you ever tried to give a flyer to a stuck up woman? Watch how that hand shoot up and she flip that paper away from her....

Stunner said...
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Stunner said...

I don't really mind the flyer people, but it is annoying sometimes when you're in a rush. Out here in Jamdown, you usually come outside from a session or the club and find some flyer stuck between your windshield and your wiper.

Miss Lou served her country well.

smallislandgirl said...

ooooh gooooh jdid from now on promise to be nice to the flyer guy promise.
I read about mis lou passing too we have to keep her memory alive especially for the next generation.

Gela's Words said...

I didn't even know that people in the other islands (outside JA$) know bout Miss Lou. Have been planning to post on it but just can't find the words, I will though.

Is Caribana still the event of the summer? It used to be fun back in the days.

memer said...

I was a "flyer guy" once or twice when me and a friend were tryin a likkle bizniz ting years ago, so i feel for em a bit. if one of them is savvy enough to catch my eye somehow when i'm exiting da cluub, i take the collection (it's never just one flyer anymore) and fake an appreciative thanks.

But they've moved beyond the clubs to plastering windshields in parking lots. If I ever make the mistake of parking anywhere near Richmond on a weekend night, I have to spend five minutes de-flyering my windshield (and sometimes the driver's window). Actually, as aggravating as it is, I'd think that's more productive than being part of the shady phalanx lurking at the club exit. People can read them in the car where their egos are safe.

I've had the honour of meeting Miss Lou a couple of times and I'm of course sad to see her leave us, but she's had a loong, fruitful life. What a legacy.

Not sure if I should be amazed there's no entry for her in the wikipedia. JDid, you have been nominated to do the honours.

Luke Cage said...

I cosign with a few commentors on here Jdid. With memer first in regards to the passing of Miss Lou. Geez, I didn't even know she'd passed man, but I do agree what an incredible long life for one of Jamaica’s most loved Folklorist. Godspeed to her.

And finally, I agree with Honest and I love Amadeo's Studio 54 reference too. Clever gimmick. I guess I'll never say that my telecommunications job was the worst job out there. I remember thinking to myself watching all of the flyer guys in NYC that that had to be an thankless job to have. Not to mention those who got into those funky suits as well.

You know the type. Some form of a chicken, or featherless bird or something like that. Picture giving flyers out with that suit on huh? Good post as usual my man...

Shotta M said...

RIP Miss Lou.

I'd like to also nominate door-to-door salesman as one of the worst jobs.

princessdominique said...

I've got to head out that way where you are. You'll have to play tour guide to us though.

jelli said...

R.I.P. Miss Lou.

I usually take the flyers from the flyers guys. I even do it with a smile. :)

Humble and Hard Working said...

I think that people are often unhappy with themselves and when they see a flyer guy they get nasty towards the flyer guy to express their anger. The economy is messed up right now and that flyer guy is an important key to helping recover by them filling that position and not beion unemployed that helps. It also helps by them introducing new products, services , and information to the people that are aware and smart.

Humble and Hard Working said... said...

I think that people are often unhappy with themselves and when they see a flyer guy they get nasty towards the flyer guy to express their anger. Some people never get respect at home ,the job, or with friends and they feel when they see a flye guy the can act as if they are breathing finer oxygen then the flyer guy and be rude.The economy is messed up right now and that flyer guy is an important key to helping recover by them filling that position and not beion unemployed that helps. It also helps by them introducing new products, services , and information to the people that are aware and smart.