Monday, September 04, 2006


- The persons who invented those kids shoes with wheels in the heel are really evil geniuses. Geniuses because they are getting paid over that invention and evil because do they know how annoying it is to grown folk to see little kids skate around in public places like malls and subway stations.

- Rest in peace to Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. Dude really lived life on the edge tackling all of those dangerous animals. I'll be honest with y'all they couldnt pay me enough to do the stuff he did. Me, put my hands in crocodile mouth or wrestling with them? Who me? Nevers!! They would have to give me some guns, machetes, three big rocks and a suit of armour first.
And what he was doing in the first place messing with those creatures? Look anytime something got a descriptive word like Biting or juking or Stinging in its name you should be staying the hell away from it. It aint name cute and cudely it name STING ray that should be a warning that it aint a plaything.

- Come to da T'cha, cause me say come to da T'cha. The Blastmaster KRS-one not two or three or four will be performing in the T-dot in October. Its KRS-one so I've decided to put away my whole "I'm too old for hip hop concerts" mentality to go see Kris perform one more time. Saw him back in 97 or was it 98 here in Toronto at the Opera House and it was a wicked concert. One of the best I've ever been too. Anyway even though I will argue that KRS' latest album is not up to his usual standard I still want to go check out this concert cause the man brings its on stage no doubt and he has the repertoire of hits to rock the crowd for a couple of hours if he chooses.

-Team USA lost to Greece. Whats that all about? On a positive note Jose Calderone and Jorge Garbajosa won gold medals with their team Spain. Hopefully this winning will translate onto the Raptors squad.

-Do all the small yappy dogs in my neighbourhood hate me? First it was the guy on the corner and his dog which bounds at me every time I pass now this morning it was the neighbours a couple of doors down whose dogs rushed me and growled and barked as I walked to work. I know dogs cant read but all I got to say is bark all you want jump around all you want just dont touch me. Consider this The Warning like Biggie.

-Whats with these American pilots killing Canadian soldiers in friendly fire incidents? Van Damnne! I mean I'm not going to discuss my feelings on the whole Canadian mission in Afganistan but the prevailing climate here as more of our soldiers die is that we shouldnt be there. Yea I know we've lost a fraction of what the U.S has lost but we're a far smaller country population wise and these friendly fire incidents are just more ammunition against being there. And to clarify this how do you mistake Canadian soldiers in soldier gear and with all sort of fancy soldier equipment for Taliban fellas with turbans? Look either somebody in the cockpit half blind or them was too trigger happy. Rest in Peace Mark Graham.

-Whats with Annuals, meaning plants that last only one season and then die, and then you have to buy them again the next season? Its a scam I say! If they are annuals and die then how come the greenhouse duz got them to sell every year. This is just an elaborate ruse to get stupid people money but dat aint going work wid me I sticking to Perennials. (And before someone thinks I'm being totally serious here I do understand how it works and why the greenhouses can have them year after year but I still think its a scam.)

- Another Johnny annoy me. Read this inteview with Tracy Mcgrady this morning and he was going on about "I didn’t want to move my family to Canada. I didn’t want my daughter going to school in Canada." These NBA players are just so close-minded its sad.

- I really cant fathom this whole Myspace and Hi5 business. I still fully dont get the purpose of these places but does everyone and their mama have a Myspace page these days? Well I'm not on Myspace and no intentions of going, I already spend enough time on the web as it is, but somehow somebody get muh to sign up on this Hi5 thing. Now today I get a email saying something about somebody or the other want to be my friend on Hi5 and when I open the email I see this big half-naked black fella wid he shirt off showing off all he chest muscles and wid a big smile on he face saying he want to be my friend. Wha kinda place this hi5 supposed to be though? I thought I was going in a reputable establishment. Oh hellllll no! Well boy, I aint want nuhbody so as my friend. Next thing he would be trying to get friendly. Nuh uhh!


Honest said...

The Greenhouses stock annuals for stupid people like me who didn't realize until I bought the book "Gardening for Dummies" that you don't need to dig up the annuals once they die and go back to home depot to buy new ones every spring because they're going to grow back.

Melody said...

Kris gonn' rock T-dot next month?! That does sound like an event 2 look 4ward 2. (Concert 2 C -- KRS, CD 2 listen -- Da Rootz.) Jdid, Y U ain't wanna B de smilin' man friend?! OMG, that's just 2 funny.

Luke Cage said...

I wouldn't mind going to a BlastMaster KRS-1 concert right about now man. That would be essential ol' school hip hop listening for a brotha's pleasure.

-RIP- to good ol' Steve Irwin. Man, he did his thing didn't he. Very few people die doing the thing they loved doing in life and in that, he excelled.

As I've said before man, that NBA olympic team is NOT the Dream Team. "Nuff said"...

I hadn't heard about the Canadian pilots being killed in friendly fire from the Americans. Any incident involving this socalled Oxymoronic term is always dreadful and tragic. They should really consider changing the term though. I hate it. Friendly Fire, what the hell is that anyway???

And I won't waste my time on Tracy McGrady. Next to Pippen, he's like the most biggest athletic skilled b-ball player who also happens to be a baby at the same time. Always fuggin' complaining and crying all the time. Shut up and play ball!

Abeni said...

I think the wheels on shoes are so cool.Wished I had one when I was trekking through the airport.

Whenever I say am not on Hi5 people look at me as if I am from

Guyana-Gyal said...

You should read the comments on Gela's post about Steve Irwin, man, I never know so many folks 'fraid o' so many things, LOL.

I know of some folks on my space teefing odda people's posts and art.

I thought Hi5 was for teenagers.

Gela's Words said...

Ah boy, I laughed out when I read the Hi5 part. Actually I have an Hi5 account, I just joined so that I ccould read my little cuz's journal on it though.

My space is for blogging too I think. Well, it's like every body and his/her mama has a blog. same thing mi dear.

Mad Bull said...

First, let me defend Hi5. Hi5 is a friend network, a way for singles (or wanna-be singles) to link up with other singles. So why do I have an account. They have pictures. When I am feeling idle and nothing else is providing me a solution to boredom, I might go check out some pictures of people on Hi5, in the same way I sometimed go to, or As you can see from the number of friends I have, I not really adding friends like crazy, cos I not really looking no friend in the Hi5 kind of way. No hookups here!

I hear you re Steve Irwin.

The US loss to Greese surprised me too!

I like those kiddie shoes too, only I wonder if a lot of kids haven't had their feet slip out from under them and then they cracked their skulls open. I may yet buy MBJr. a pair though.

Lene said...

When I heard about the Canadian getting shot up dead by the Americans, I shook my head. The last time this happened, the idiots got off scot-free. It pisses me off because we are wasting our times in that country, just so America can spend all their time in Iraq.

Are you telling me that those Canadians are fighting for my "freedom"? Freedom from what? That excuse only worked back in the day when people had no idea about the truth...

Miz JJ said...

Those rolling shoes are so annoying. I am constantly whipping my head around because I see some kid rolling past me.

Tracy McGrady is a foolio.

Canada shouldn't even be in Afghanistan. Further proof.

nahmix said...

First...too old for hip hop....NEVER! You better go see KRS in concert and then review the show on this here blog...and that's an ORDER!

Second...dump Hi5 and get on's got crack in it! :-)

BajanQueen said...

It is was so sad to hear about Steve Irwin's death!

He was a very brave man indeed.


Der Ozzman said...

Does he want to be your friend in a prison sort of way Jdid? Disturbing. Do like me and stay far from Hi5 man.