Saturday, September 02, 2006

Seasons change

Seasons change,
mad things rearrange
but it all stays the same
like the love Dr strange

How many mics- Fugees (Lauryn Hill)

End of summer. Well not really officially but schools start back on Tuesday and it just feels as if summer is over. Actually forget the trees changing colors the first sign of fall I was unable to ignore was when I saw a lady on the subway on Wednesday with a leather jacket.

I mean it wasn't even the end of August. Mind you I don't blame her. Its been cold in the mornings up in this joint. It gets warmer as the day progresses but mornings are downright freezing. Its like we went straight from Middle Eastern type temperatures in July to fall in August.

Doesn't it seem as if the weather is all screwy since last year like someone fast forwarded the season changes? I remember snow early last November before I'd even had a chance to rake the leaves. Then spring seemed to have jumped in a little early in late February and Summer jump started in May. Weird aint it?

And being the fashionista that I am (yea right!) I've noticed that hoodies are making a return (don't call it a comeback they been here for years) this fall. Not that they ever disappeared completely but they just seem to be the in thing this year. The stores are full of them. They were all over the mall today both in stores and on the bodies of the mall goers as we experienced some cold and rain and well I just have this prediction its going to be like 1992-93 all over again.

But hey "don't you know daddy that things go in cycles, the way that Bobby Brown (and now usher and omarion and chris brown and ne-yo) is just ampin like Michael."


Melody said...

Cold really did rush in this year--de good side bein' that those pretty weekend drives through New Hampshire come sooner 4 me--but they'll end sooner 2 --snow'll soon B here ta knock dem out cuz Mama said knock dem out (U know). Don't hate on Chris, Jdid, pimpin' ain't EZ, fam.

Honest said...

Although this summer was extremly hot and at time very uncomfortable I'm going to miss the warm weather, sandles and flip flops.

Ri said...

I guess dem use to stare on me all the time when I was in training in London, because I was the only one wrapped up because dat place weather used to change in a NY heartbeat.

Nikki said...

Our mornings have been kinda chilly here, and I live in the deep south.

Shotta M said...

I gotta have a BBQ this weekend coming, or gonna lose the chance. The summer is just running away.

Rose said...

Summer is heading out to quickly for me. I hate the winter and I can't stand those hoodies either.

Leon said...

Hoodies huh? I have one in closet. I haven't worn it in about eight years. In Jamaica, we have no way to tell when summer ends. For us it's when school starts.

Luke Cage said...

I love the cold weather and I'm looking forward to the fall and winter. Don't get me wrong. Summer time is great! But like the title to this post, seasons' change and I welcome it. Plus the fact that it always seems so nostalgic to see the season change this time of year. Reminds me of when I used to go to school as a young Cage.

Gela's Words said...

The only time I like the Jamaican summer is when I'm abroad. At that time I wish I am back in Ja. It too hot here man. AC in the car look like it not even trying the way it hot.

eemanee said...

your post reminded me of a poem by a Jamaican? author, can't seem to find it online. It begins like this (i think)

we have neither summer nor winter
neither autumn nor spring
yet we have instead those days
when the rain falls on the lush canefields

inciquay said...

I can't wait to get my hoodie on! And not the girly pink ones that fit snugly either! I'm going gully: grey/navy plain with a pocket on the front for my walkman- oops ipod! LOL
But what's this about KRS-One and Doug E. Fresh comin??!! SHUT UP! No no! Don't shut up tell me more, tell me how!

Miz JJ said...

Lol @inciquay. I remember convincing my mom to buy me a Russell hoodie and I wore the shit outta of that thing.

I can't believe summer is over already. I am praying for a mild winter.

Amadeo said...

Give me the cold increases my wardrobe choices. Plus I can put more on than I can take off (and stay in accordance with the law and plain decency).

Melody said...

That poem about 'neither summer nor winter, neither autumn nor spring' is "Nature" by H.D. Carberry.

princessdominique said...

In the south the kids have been in school for two weeks already. I already miss the summer. The beach is perfect in the fall though.