Monday, October 16, 2006

Dog luck aint cat luck

Or is it the other way around?

Anyway I is a man dat know my limitations. A fella name Murphy been one of my close acquaintances for pretty much as long as I can remember. Not that me and he is friends ya know just acquaintances or rather he duz push he malicious, good fa nuttin, nosy self all up in my business all the time just so when it don't concerns him. chupse!

No but seriously I don't think of myself as a lucky fella. That is why I try not to take shortcuts cause see me anytime I tek a shortcut I duz either get lost or somebody or something duz be waiting to mess me up and I does end up in some sort of trouble or struggling to avoid some sort of drama. What will go wrong will go wrong as far as I concerned! That is my motto so see me is but the straight and narrow for the I cause Dog luck aint cat luck or maybe I got that wrong and um is the other way around.

See cause ya know some fellas duz get away with murder while other fellas duz cant even get away with "borrowing" a Shirley biscuit from dem mudda biscuit tin. Ya understand me?

And why I talking about this today? Well life nuh harder than it was yesterday or the day before so that aint it. No man today at lunch I just was walking down the street and smell somebody walking past me just smokin off some weed out in the open just so in the crisp (dat is code for cold as rass!) afternoon air.

At first I was like wait that smell like something from a nooo... wait, naa it cant but no I cant miss that unmistakable smell. I been to too many hip hop concerts to mistake that smell. No don't tell me he walking down the road smoking in the broad day light and two policemen just cross the road so? What audacity! He either courageous, aint got no common sense, stupid, could cares less or a dangerous cocktail of all of the above.

But it got me thinking, and yes I realize that cops here have been known to be lax in certain situations about that sort of thing. But like I said it got me thinking. No not that I would like to have the cajones to say I walking down the road and smoking something so. No nothing like that. I aint smoking a thing. Wunnah know that I already have limited brain cells and I cant be killing off nuh more with drugs dat aint name alcohol. No man it just got me thinking that some fellas have all the luck. I mean I know the cops sometimes duz be rather lax on a fella doing dat but most fellas would hide and do it rather than take that chance that they get stopped.

No it just got me thinking that as I said before Dog luck aint cat luck. He could walk bout and do that and police would pass him by like nothing and he could get away with it but then to balance out things you will have certain fellas dat would just try and do something as simple as jaywalk and all a sudden dem finding themselves skin up down pun the ground, three big teeth police Dobermans and a fella with a glove coming to strip search dem. Life just aint fair is it. But then I guess that is the whole point of the saying "Dog luck aint cat luck" ..... or is it the other way around? I cant remember.


Luke Cage said...

Man, I know exactly what you mean. And I've had a similar conversation with other friends of mine. I'm one of those fellas that is shook to death to try something that gets another guy over. I could follow the blueprint to the tee, and I won't be able to pull it off as flawless as they did. I had a buddy of mine in the military that was mr. perfect when he got over. Let me try that and I'd be busted just from thinking about it -lol- some people do get over better than others.

Anonymous said...

I know murphy a tad bit too well, musta been the reason lady luck been avoiding me. I have ever been lucky or gotten anything by luck i have always had to work for everything. Cant even win a stupid raffle despite how many tickets i got. tut tut tut

princessdominique said...

This is a great post. I can relate. It seems that everything is harder for me when it comes with ease to somebody else. I loved your analogy about murder and a Shirley biscuit. Too originale.

Leon said...

True dat! It isn't fair, but somedays you're the dog, other days you're the puss.

Anonymous said...

This is why I'm all for good and not evil. :-)

Melody said...

Then there's always de poor so-n-so who gets de smoke blown on him, just B4 a cop stands right by him, while de smell's still tangled in his clothes. Then he's all like Shaggy sayin' it wasn't him, & even volunteerin' 4 a breathalizer...

Abeni said...

Aint that the truth. What's funny is when peopel complain that mr so and so did it but nothing happen to them..Well dog luck ain't cat luck

De Immigrant said...

Either times are really changing or that guy just didn't give a dyam. Lucky and stupid are sometimes one and the same!

Dr. D. said...

Here we say, puss and dawg nuh have de same luck.

True words doh JDiddy. It is even more applicable to those of us who usually tow the straight and narrow path, try once to get weh wid some likke suppem....braps, dem hol we!

So, it a get cold as rass up so already? Never mind rude bwoy.

Mad Bull said...

I liked this post.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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