Sunday, October 22, 2006

One thing

History has a way about it. Sometimes significant stuff happens and at that time gets ignored by the public or in recent cases media spun so that its ignored. Sometimes however something which starts trivial will awaken the masses.

This whole dog-gate issue (as coined by Radmila) could possibly end up that way in my opinion.

what's dog-gate you ask? Well last week in a Parliamentary debate Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay supposedly made a comment that suggested that his ex-girlfriend and current member of the opposition Belinda Stronach was a dog.

In a debate about pollution an opposition member asked Mackay about the impact of pollution on animals and humans. "What about your dog?" Mackay was asked innocently or not so innocently. "You already have her." is what MacKay is alleged to have said while gesturing at Stronach's empty seat in the Parliament. OUCH!

I've got to admit when I first heard it I couldn't help but smile. Sorry if that makes me misogynistic somehow but if true it was just such sarcastic humor plus we have been recently overwhelmed with reports on Stronach's love life haven't we. Mackay's retort just seemed like something that a wiseguy 15 year old in the cafeteria or a trying to be cool college student at a frat party would use to garner chuckles from his peers. Definitely not what you expect in Parliament from a ranking Cabinet member but then I've been around long enough, watched enough Budget debates in the Caribbean and seen leaders actually physically battling in Parliament in various European and Asian countries to realize that Parliament in many countries if not all, isn't exactly the paragon of decorum and gentlemanly conduct that we would be led to believe.

I'm pretty amazed at the coverage this item has gotten though although maybe I shouldn't. A comment or rather an alleged comment against one person, his ex, has been turned into a comment that targets all women.

To me Mackay's reaction more than the alleged initial comment is to blame. He refused and still refuses to 'fess up and apologize. PR 101 should have told him to just admit it was a juvenile comment, made in the heat of the moment, apologize and just move on. Most of us, both men and women, would have chalked it up to the rantings of an ex not completely over his break up. Most folks would relate to being bitter. He would have taken a bit of flack but not as much as he is now. By refusing to admit and apologize he has allowed the comment to gain steam and actually galvanized a whole subset of the population against him which could grow into a caucus against his party.

It just keeps rolling and getting bigger.

Still don't we have more important things to debate in Canada than this?

Actually to me the way this dog-gate story has brought down heat on the Conservative government is somehow ironic.


Well to me its ironic that Stronach is involved here as another recent big headline she made let the government almost completely off the hook in a situation that deserved more debate in my opinion. I'm talking about the story about her affair with Hockey player Tie Domi which has allegedly led to Domi's divorce. The timing on that story a few weeks back couldn't have been better for the Conservative government who were in the midst of trimming the fat from their budget (despite having a surplus) ie cutting programs they deemed insignificant. Stuff like programs involving human rights lawyers, jobless youth, the illiterate, aboriginals, and other minority groups. When the crime goes up in Toronto again you'll know why.

But the press went with the story that would garner more sales: Belinda and Tie. The one the public would be caught up in more easily. With that hoopla, including comparisons of the couple to Brad and Angelina, the budget cut story was never "sexy" or scandalous enough to garner the coverage that it needed and so it just slid under the radar and has apparently died a natural death. Yep minorities got screwed again and no one cared or noticed.

So now that another Belinda related story is bringing down the heat what can I say besides I guess the juicy stuff cant all fall in your favor.


Lene said...

Why you up so early making posts? hahaha. McKay is still bitter about Belinda dumping him, so he made that comment. I've heard worse, but not from an elected official.

I guess it's no wonder that most women do not vote Conservative.

Melody said...

People prob'ly view his comments as those from an angry ex-lover, whether he offers such an explanation or not. Unlike ex-prime minister PJ from J.A. who reportedly said, "More man have car, more man have gal, more man have cell-phone (since this party's been in power)." That definitely helped objectify & devalue women, makin' some even more endangered minorities than they already were.

Anonymous said...

nice, check out my blog.

Campfyah said...

politricking, polilicking anything up for grabs come election time, especially when yuh ex done switch seats on yuh...

Miz JJ said...

His comment was wildly inappropriate. His personal attack on his ex-girlfriend speaks volumes to how he feels about women. Especially out here in the centre of the universe where we all know that he is MAJOR playboy even during the Belinda days. I have girlfriend who is rich and lives in his building and he has revolving set of ladies who come in and out, but nobody ever hears about his sex life. Double standard anyone? I agree with lene. The Conservatives don't care about women and they really hate minorities. They can dress up their party platform anyhow they want, but the truth is in the pudding...or should I say the budget.

Abeni said...

He woulda been better advised to hold back the remark in that situation.All he did was set himself up for the predictable backlash

Anonymous said...

Not something you'd expect from a politician. Ever realize that the most popular political stories are scandalous?