Monday, January 08, 2007

Build & destroy

First off big up to my man and his wife who had a baby boy last week. May God's blessing shine upon you all. Jdid's going be an uncle.

Ok on to our regularly scheduled blog.

Baby/Toddler toys are something else. First off it seems like at least 80% of them come with music, to stimulate child development they say, which is kind of cute at first but then it drives you completely crazy as you hear the same song repeated over and over and over and over again.

That's why I like the toys (for my son) where you can switch from the continuous nursery rhymes or classical music to just playing simple notes. Just bang on it and it makes a note. Leaves much more room for creativity. There is one toy my son has which has sound effects like drums, trumpets and even voice samples and let me tell you I've been getting my Pete Rock on with that joint. Word is born I'm going to be the first hip hop producer to make a hit song with samples from baby toys. Actually the more I think of it I probably wont be the first lol. Oh yea and I occasionally let my son play with it as well. What? I teaching him to share, I trying to teach the chile life skills leave me alone. chupse!

But yep I'm trying to actively stimulate the growth of young minds by playing with my sons toys and teaching him how to play with them. Mind you he has a mind of his own and just bangs away at them as he feels like. Oh well he'll figure them out as we go along. Or maybe we can just form a rap group and I'll be the DJ and he can be the rapper. Well it aint like most rappers rhymes any better than nursery rhymes these days anyways so he might got a shot.

Actually on another whole other toy front he has gotten a whole bunch of blocks for Christmas (memo to gift givers. Daddy umm I mean my son wants Lego next ok. I'm just playing don't tek me seriously.). Oh man are blocks fun! I've been getting my Leonardo Da'Vinci on with the blocks and I'll show you some photos of my constructions.

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What ya think? The first two are mine and the third one is my wife's. Note how symmetrical, uniform and nice looking her's are compared to my freestyle crazy what the hell was he thinking constructions. Hmmm I never knew blocks were physiological tools. lol

Still I know all y'all fascinated by my designs and want me to rush over and design your new homes right? right?

Of course I don't think my son fully grasps the whole concept of blocks yet cause everytime we build all he does is knock them over. Just let us put two blocks on top of each other and he immediately rushes over and knocks them to the ground. All my wonderful creativity down the drain bram on time.

Hmmm oh well I guess there is money in demolition so hey cant blame him.

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And he is having fun with them and learning stuff so its not a waste of time. Of course first things first must teach him to put away the blocks after dadd...ummm I mean he's finished playing with them.


Campfyah said...

ahhh the joys of raising a toddler. enjoy cause de terrible twos coming soon LOL

princessdominique said...

I have to start making my rounds more consistently. It looks like you've been back for a little while now. Happy New Year!!!!!

Satin Doll said...

lol how adorable. my mama always spoke highly of lil tyke toys. I recomment anybody to

gela said...

hehe, you're a kid at heart, aren't you?

I know the feeling, I love toys too and grown (I think!)

When I saw all the cute xmas gifts that my mom got for the children that she knew I almost threw a tantrum, I so wanted to keep them :)

Anonymous said...

I can post again! Whopeeeeeee!

Just so the blog world knows...Me luv's the wifey's well done...

Yours is aright!


Anonymous said...

I prefer your wife's own. Yours is more tower-like and hers is more like a palace. When he's of age, get him Lego. It'll entertain him for quite a while.

Jdid said...

yall juss hating on a brother :)

Anonymous said...

Truth is Truth

Melody said...

Tyco (or whichever) could use that pic of wifey's castle, in their packaging. (Jdid jr bold as ever wid de demolition -- bib showin' so he can't deny it was him, an' he don't care:)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Enjoy spending time with him now while you are still cool.

Abeni said...

Lol,wifey wins..Toys are such fun.:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

he's so cute, i need to come over and babysit for y'all. you can pay me with chili chicken from lucky's

Anonymous said...

i wanna play with building blocks. sometimes i play around with the idea of buying kids toys and playing with them in my apartment. crazy...huh!