Tuesday, February 20, 2007

By your command

Riding the bus/train just aint the same anymore with TTC. Everything going automated and computerized and machinized these days.

they adding new security cameras on the buses. A sign of the times I
guess. What with one driver getting shot last year and others being
attacked on late night routes by hoodlums I guess its a necessity.
Still is like a man cant even sneeze without being caught up on film.
Is like I have my own personal paparazzi everytime I'm on the bus. Enough to make a man feel like a Top Celebrity. :-)

they have a pilot project using GPS
to announce every bus stop on the routes these days. Got a sort of
robotic female sounding voice doing the announcements accompanied by an
LCD display and flashing lights. Its not a bad idea because at least if
you are unfamiliar with where you are and somebody tell you to get off
the bus at a certain spot you wont be totally reliant on the driver who
may or may not have a clue as to where it is you say you want to
disembark. That is assuming the computer and GPS know what they doing.
Sometimes I am not too sure bout these computer things.

also have the same robotic voice in the subway which is good cause
occasionally in the morning the conductors used to royally screw up the
station name. See we just reach Broadview and the man announcing St George or Yonge
St already. Making half sleeping transit riders wake up and dash out
the door only to realize they still 5 stations short of the mark.

So yea all this automation stuff might actually have a purpose.

what had me yesterday on the way home was that the train I was in had
another type of robotic voice. I don't know if it was that the
usual robot voice call in sick or she had a bad sore throat or they
were trying out a new voice but it didn't sound like the usual voice
at all. Instead I could have sworn that the voice they using was from
one of those Cylons from the old Battlestar Galactica.

Ya remember the old Battlestar Galactica;
Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch not the Survivor fella the other one, Dirk
Benedict when Starbuck was a man
not a woman? Well yes the automated voice they were using on the subway
sounded just like that. It was scary let me tell ya cause I was
expecting to see the subway doors open and a couple a Cylons bust through the door and start letting off phasers
or blasters or whatever it was that they used.

Oh well who knows what was really happening. I mean Cylons got to work and support they families too so I cant fault a fellow.

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nahmix said...

lol...it's an odd to thing to watch the world change right before your very eyes.

Abeni said...

Embrace the change Jdid:)

ThandieLand said...

well you should especially b/c he is your brethren and ting..somebody shoulddah hit Oba up di side ah he head make sure he wake up from that nightmare. :D

But nah worry wid me I just jealous....waaaaaah!