Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Loves gonna get cha

Ya know that's why man I be telling you all the time man, you know LOVE,
that word love is a very serious thing, and if you don't watch out I tell ya
that (Love's gonna get you) because a lot of people out here say "i love my
car" or "i love my chain" or or "i'm i'm just in love with that girl over

Love's gonna get cha- BDP

So the big story today was about this astronaut lady who tried to kidnap and assault a romantic rival. The story is too funny. Well actually its a bit sad but funny still.

Imagine this astronaut lady seem to be involved with another astronaut fella that she duz train with and she find out that he maybe got another woman. Nothing certain certain but maybe, possibly. Or maybe he ain't got the woman but this other woman interested in he maybe, possibly. So what this astronaut woman do? She drive miles and miles, hours and hours to confront the woman and when she get there, she disguise herself, follow around the lady, scare the living daylights out of her, had she lock way in she car afraid of her and even spray something on her too. Imagine that?

Boy this love thing duz drive people insane it seems. I mean it was so bad with the astronaut lady that when she was driving the 900 miles to confront the other woman she put on diapers so she could drive straight and wouldn't have to stop to go to the bathroom. That show ya how serious she was about finding the other woman. Now that is some real love smitten business. De only word I can find to adequately describe she is the one the Trinis duz use ...bazodee. She did well bazodee cause no sane adult that don't have some sort of acute bladder problem ain't going to be putting on no diapers to drive bout the place in. It don't matter how much Huggies, Luvs and Pampers advertise bout how comfortable they duz be none a we around here did gine put them on instead a we regular underwear to drive 900 miles. So I feel she head got to be bad. Mad sick head no good.

But that ain't the half of it. When you first read the story you would feel well maybe this astronaut lady is some lil young ting free and single running after man and ya might say to ya self well poor ting she ain't know no better and she deserve some sympathy. Uh uh! Nope! First of all she is 43 and as we would say in Barbados and this ain't an insult to nobody that is 43 but 'a dog she age ain't no pup' meaning she ain't no young yam she is a grown hard back woman.

Then ya read further and to mek it even worse she married with three children. Imagine that? She running after another man, driving miles and miles in diapers to kidnap a rival and she married off and got nuff pickney too. Well well well! I wonder who was looking after she children when she did looking to kidnap the other lady?

Boy I would really like to see what her husband had to say to her after she get arrest or how he feel cause see me if dat did my wife doing that foolishness she couldn't get two cents fa bail money from me. I would leff she dey, let the other ass-tronaut come and bail she out.

Ya know what I love about this story though? It sound real ghetto but it actually isn't!

Certain people duz feel that only people name things like Laquadisha and Sharadeefa and them sort of foolish names so duz behave this sort of way. They duz feel that only lil ghetto people, or people with no education or poor people or people of a certain race or who ain't from a certain class duz behave like this and fight over man.

Well ya know what I glad that this astronaut girl come bout and behave so and show that is not just them lil young girls taking out their earrings, putting Vaseline on their faces and pulling out one another weaves that duz behave so. No star, some so called educated people with big degrees from big time Universities and professional people with specialized jobs and all that could still behave like idiots over this man woman business.

Its like the teacha said 'Love's gonna get cha'.


Lene said...

i could see how she would fall in love with the dude. i mean, working all those long hours together, just you and him. but homegirl has three kids, where the hell was she going?

btw, i love the fact that you labelled this, "eediat ting dat" ahahaha

Campfyah said...

ha haha onle you cud relate the story like dat. but didn't Kami had a blog dis week about Love Is...a good thing dem din in de space shuttle when alla dis happen.
pure ediat thing dem..hope de stick did worff it.

Nikki said...

I blogged about the astronaut as well. Wild story.

Abeni said...

Lol,I found it real foolish too Jdid.Saw it on Cnn last nite when I was watching Larry King

eemanee said...

diapers??? unbelieveable!

Anonymous said...

it goes to show that people are people. education or money does not change us. but diapers? come on now!

btw: i love the 'eediat ting dat' too

Crankyputz said...

Tis a crazzeee story. We've all done silly things for love, but somewhere along that 900 mile ride, with her stuff all in those diapers, did it not make her go...what the hell am i doing??

Perhaps being up in the space shuttle shook her brain a little.....

Kids, who want to be astronauts.....take heed

scratchie said...

Madness fuh real.....looks like everybody get touch by it every now and again. Told in true Jdid fashion.

Luke Cage said...

Crankyputz pretty much summed up what I was thinking.. lets say the better part of flipping out gets to you during the heat of the moment, but during that loooong azz ride, something should have kicked in like... "What in the??!!!" geeez lady. Get a grip!

Radmila said...

Yes...one good thing came out of it though...NASA is now going to do mental assessments on astronauts returning from missions.

Apparently, she and her husband separated in August. This might have contributed some additional push to her going off sanity cliff.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Stroops...and they put this as breaking news and treating the astronut like she nah human cuz she went in space. I know seh only psycho people goin up deh, so i not surprised.I really cant unnerstand the diapers doh. I know she glad that Anna Nicole dead, cuz that dead story replace astronut as top story for the week. Astronut now relegated to the ticker on the bottom of the tv.