Monday, September 10, 2007


I don't really watch award shows. Usually don't remember they are on and I'm not really that interested anyways. Can't stand 95% of today's popular music and as much as I try to keep abreast of what's supposedly 'hot' somewhat out of a morbid sense of curiosity and to be able to chronicle the demise of our society I'm just not that interested in who's wearing what from whom and what trite comments they have to say at the event.

Only thing less interesting may be listening to Kanye and 50 'debate' whose album will be the worse tomorrow. "The only way they win is if we battle to see who is the wackest".

Still I did peruse some articles on the VMAs since it seemed like every news site had some story on Britney and her terrible performance. But I just found it interesting how much news print was devoted to how out of shape Britney looks. I mean I saw the pictures, Here's one:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketSeriously whats wrong with her here? ok so she's bigger than she was before but its not like she's bordering on a Rosanne Barr size or anything. She just had two kids and she's still packing some baby fat. And it aint even that much, she just looks like she's eating now instead of skipping meals. Look media people absence of 6-pack does not equal paunch ok. And everyone cant be Paris Hilton bony. Come on now.

If you tell me Britney's performance was terrible, she looked tired or she was way out of sync, cool I'll take your word for it but going on and on about her weight seems a bit out there.

Clearly though this is a North American showbiz thing cause no Caribbean people wasn't going say so. Ya ever see some of the women dat duz pour themselves into tiny tiny tiny costumes for Caribana, Carnival and Crop Over? Alright then, that is all I'm saying.

Then there was this total fiasco and it wasn't Lupe.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI only have two questions. What da?? and why Chile why?

Ok so the girl in the photo is called Lil Mama and apparently she's some sort of rapper with clearly mental issues.

I mean cheese on bread, is Halloween come early or what? Who leaves home looking like this? And by leaving home I mean even stepping out to the curb to pick up the newspaper or put out the garbage. Who would leave home and go to a big award show with adults and be dressed like this with a soother in their mouth? I can just imagine the red carpet commentary.

Interviewer: Ummm ammm And that's quite an interesting dress Lil Mama.

Lil Mama: Yea yeah, ummm it was designed by my homie Lil Miss Muffet. Yo on the real she be mad creative when she chilling down at the Tuffet getting mad lifted off that Curds and Whey yaknowhatimean! Big up Miss Muffet you representing girl!

Interviewer: And those lovely accessories, the baby soother?

Lil Mama: Yea yeah that was my own creation, my own addition cause I know how to accessorize cause I'm fly like that. knowhwatisaying? Look for Lil Mama's line of baby soothers coming to a store near you soon cause see I gots to diversify my portfolio. Knowhatimean? Yo yo peep this! What had happened was that Miss Muffet originally wanted me to rock the shepherd's crook and two matching black belly sheep but I wasn't having that plus what I had said was "Miss Muffet is you crazy? where the hell I'm going to find me some black belly sheep from around the hood huh?" She know full well aint no sheep where we from? I mean I coulda borrowed me a couple a pit bulls from Mike Vick around the way but sheep? They be scarcer than banks in the hood! ha ha I'm juss playing about the pitbulls man.

Sigh! I could go on with the ridicule but I'm too busy shaking my head in disgust and waiting for Lil Mama to change her name to Lil Bo Peep.


GC said...

"Old lovers turned critics curse at you
On the silver screen
You tell 'em, "I don't give a damn what you say
Long as you're talkin' 'bout me"

Van Hunt

Abeni said...

lil mama saying there aint such a hting as bad publicity:)

Don't see a thing wrong with Brittney there.

How come you ent talk bout Rihanna winning...yuh slipping

Mad Bull said...

Didn't watch it either... didn't even know it was on... blame 24 and Hurricane Dean and Weststar cable... long story. Anyway, Britney is for young people and a young breddah was begging a guy at work to find and download one of Britney's new songss because he loved it. He liked her performance as well and he said, "Yo she looking fine after having two kids, for real!".
Personally, I bet she ave a decent performance, and yeah, she doesn't look fat to me either!
Nowadays, the trend for the media is, try to find something bad to say about people in the public eye, and they work assiduously at this task. Our job entails our having to sift the chaff from the wheat, I guess. :|

Mad Bull said...

@ Abeni : Wah? Rihanna won sup'm.

Karel Mc Intosh said...

Loved the imaginary commentary.

scratchie said...

Didn't watch the award either. Seems the entire show was about Britney because that's all the news keeps referring to. Seriously though I think they should give you the job of award show critic.

Mighty Afroditee said...

Lawd, I saw the show, and when I saw Britney, I was immediately embarrassed for her. Twas obvious that MTV used her as a gimmick because of her noteriety, cuz why else was she headlining? I thought that she was high or someting, as she looked sorta spaced out. And, and as a mother of two, her backside needed to cover up! She cant perpetuate that sex kitten image anymore. Why she go prance around in her panty and bra??? Stroops!

Campfyah said...

Well yuh know in Amercian celebrity standards dat anything ova a size 1 is ova weight and Britney clearly looking tuh be a size 2/3 dey. I doan usually check de shows either, but wanted tuh see de Rihanna hype, luckily for me she won the first award and I moved on. Didn't even see the Lil miss muppet chick. heard about the ranting and raving of dah idiot Kayne West but what yuh expect from MTV

Amadeo said...

I would beat my child with their sibling if they dressed like that.

Fiyah said...

I didn't watch the show... but I saw her performance on YouTube. It was TERRIBLE! She looked fine... maybe a less revealing outfit would have been better... but her performance was incredibly bad!

Luke Cage said...

I am totally out of touch. I was watching my Giants lose to the Cowboys. But even if the game weren't on, I wouldn't watch the awards. I have no idea who 90% of the artists are.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I may have seen only 15 minutes of this awards show. After Britney, I could not stomach (pun intended) the rest. I caught some of the highlights of the rest of the show on the 'net. And I really shouldn't have. Really, really shouldn't have.

Patricia said...

I agree about Britney. Yes, her performance sucked, but her body was that of an average woman. Actually, it was probably better than the average woman (at least in the States anyway). The media are vicious!

Bajegirl said...

Haha Jdid, you have me dying with the Lil Mama commentary. Abeni is right, aparently any publicity is good publicity. These showbiz types getting so desperate they're leaking their own porn videos and pictures now.
I'm def not a Britney fan but I think the press is going overboard in calling her fat. The girl has a decent shape, especially after two kids. Her choice of wardrobe was where she went wrong, I think.

Stunner said...

I heard that Brittney performance sucked from several persons, I didn't see it though!

Now lil' Mama needs to be locked up for that outfit seriously! What the hell, is her designer a nursery rhyme fanatic?

Crankyputz said...

Ahh finally, someone who thinks the way I do.

I thought Brits looked good...yes her performance sucked, but jeez with the pressure she's been living under, no wonders she's cracked....

People are so incredibly mean these days, what happened to the old addage, if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all.

Movin On Up To A C Cup said...

Hmm, I try to avoid making comments about the state of today's popular music because at one point that was what our parents said about our music and their parents said about theirs. I was recently in Barbados and heard an older man talking about the demise of soca in reference to Lil Rick's song so much of it is just really generational difference.

That said, chances are that if you became famous off a song called "My Lipgloss Is Poppin" that your taste level is already questionable. Don't blame her; blame the fans who created her.

No comment on the B girl. I refuse to let Yahoo add another point to the millions of times her name's been used on the internet since Sunday.

Bush Babee said...

I agree with Ye's assessment that Mtv put her on for the ratings. It's clear she wasn't prepared and it's even sadder that no one had to balls to tell her so.

With that being said, we're talking about a woman who will never have to work for the rest of her life. On the other hand and unfortunately, I will.


Leon said...

I'm not much of an awards person either. Britney didn't look all that bad. She almost looks "do-able" again. That Lil Mama girl is just...uhh.

Rose said...

Britney looked fine. Many fo those who balked about her weight are crazy and probably out of shape themselves. I would take her body.

Lil Baby Mama should be put into foster care so she can get the free counseling she needs.

nahmix said...

I refused to watch the VMA...I was over that media circus before it ever started. I could have told them it was a train wreck waiting to happen.