Monday, January 14, 2008

This n That

(1) Its bad enough they're sending Marion to jail but now they trying to mess with my girl Mary.

A new report claims that certain entertainment stars are linked to the steroid scandal. They named 50 Cents, Mary J Blige, Wycleff Jean, Timbaland and Tyler Perry.

Anything to get Roger Clements out of the spotlight I guess. Chupse!

Look who really cares if these stars used steroids? Do steroids or HGH help you to sing better? Is it like those Ghost Weed skits from De La Soul's Art Official Intelligence album where the Ghost weed helped you to drop rhymes like certain rappers? Was Tyler Perry on an HGH binge when he came up with his Madea character?

Look these Hollywood types have been going under the knife, botoxing, enhancing, siliconing, bleaching, tanning and the like for donkey years in order to enhance appearance. If they are using HGH and steroids now its not the same as an athlete who is using this stuff to compete against another athlete and break sporting records. So big deal!

I can just see congressional hearings into Entertainers and steroids?
Congressman: Mr Perry, And is it true that Madea's tirades are fueled by your rampant steroid abuse?
Perry: What? You do know Madea is a fictional character right?
Congressman: Just answer the question Mr Perry, stop trying to throw us off track here.

(2) BET founder Bob Johnson criticizes Obama? What? Seriously? You mean Bob 'I sold out the black community with my shucking and jiving channel' Johnson can criticize anyone? Ok maybe Obama did some drugs or did some questionable stuff in his teen years but ummm isn't that like 99% of the folk you promote on your channel? You've made money off promoting and giving voice to dudes who have claimed to slang rock, peddled yayo, carried weight, moved fishscale and God knows what else (While giving some credible real artists the shaft I might add) and you're going to get on a high horse here?

Look I'm not saying you need to support Obama cause he's black or anything I'm just questioning what gives you the moral high ground to attack Obama given your record of exploiting and demeaning black culture.

(3) Random and completely innocent dude accidentally gets shot and killed on Yonge street Friday night by some cats who were trying to shoot a strip club bouncer. The victim just happened to be walking up the street to the subway to go home to his family when the incident occurred.

Tell me where's the outrage? Where's the we're being slack on crime and innocents are suffering outcry that followed Jane Crebe's death two years ago? I mean there are similarities right? Random innocent bystander gets shot downtown, in the heart of the city, on Yonge street right? Where's the outrage man? A child is left without a father and a wife without a husband. I'm just saying.

10 comments: said...

JDID, Great post.

I'll support the ban on performance enhancing drugs whenever all the actors who've had plastic surgery give back their Oscars.

jali said...

Great points.

ANYTHING to deflect from the Clemens of the world.

Sad story of the shootings.

Lola Gets said...

LMAO@ Your rendition of Madea on the witness stand.
Who cares? Using those drugs didnt help them win Grammys or Oscars, so whats the big deal??

And you are right on with your comments about B. Johnson. Hes a dumbass sellout who needs to sit down and shut the f up.


Lene said...

yeah, that shooting is messed up. poor man.

that steroids thing is a joke too. especially when there is no crime in them posessing it. as long as it is prescribed to them, they can legally use HGH. supposedly, it helps they stay young and lose weight...

Stunner said...

LOL! I can just picture teams of testers coming up to movie stars and artistes for a urine sample before a performance!

Esteban Agosto Reid said...

Excellent comment on BET's Johnson.Sorry to hear about the shootings.Great post.RESPECT!!

Leon said...

Poor guy. Why in the hell would musicians take steriods? Then again, why in the hell do tehy do half the things they do?

Abeni said...

Johnson just a big ole hypocrite. Poor Marion,yes I feel real sorry for her still

Margo said...

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the most common hormone in the pituitary gland, which is at the center of the human brain.

Bush Babee said...

I'm not sure if anyone cares if Mary is taking steroids but it does make for a good story.

And as far as that a$$hole Robert Johnson... how soon we forget...