Tuesday, December 02, 2008


You got to know when to hold em,
know when to fold em
know when to walk away
know when to run

the Gambler - Kenny Rogers

While allya was getting caught up in whether Obama was going to nominate Billary for Secretary of State and who and who and who was going to be in his cabinet (he name a Bajan Attorney General so respect due seen), this past week been pure bacchanal in Canadian Federal politics.

I know wunnah aint know bout that cause nuhbody don't really pay attention to Canadian politics even we living here in Canada but let me tell ya is pure drama we been having lately up here in Ottawa.

I had spoken about the election we had back in mid-October predicting, correctly I might add although even Stevie Wonder coulda see what was going to happen, that the Conservatives would win another minority government and then that was that. Back to the old status quo of quibbling in parliament and such until last week.

Now last week in Parliament, Prime Minister Harper and his finance people introduce a bill or something so and amongst the items on this thing was no bailout package for the auto industry (rightly so at this juncture in time until we see what the Americans do), a moratorium on striking for Federal employees and most explosively a proposal to get rid of all public funding for political parties given the economy right now.

Now alright that last one sound like a good plan given how brown things is these days but really what it was is Harper trying to downpress the opposition again cause the ruling party got nuff private sponsors and their coffers full but all the opposition parties scrunting especially since the last election caught them all napping. So passing this proposal would ruin the opposition and bolster the ruling party.

Well boy, Harper had played this one thinking it was a win win situation. Either the opposition agree to the proposal in which case they shooting off their own foot or they kick up fuss in which case he could either squeeze them into another election while making them seem like they selfish and self centered or he would remove that part of the proposal about the public funding at the last minute still leaving them with egg on their face looking self absorbed and selfish if they voted with him. Could not lose that play at all. Squeezed like when you play domino and any play you can make the other team win off. He had them between a rock and a hard place. Or so he though.

Well the opposition people get vex and I guess this was the last straw cause lets face it Harper been bullying the other parties since forever, playing a strategic game of chess to keep them in check every few moves. So they did what no one would ever think them capable of doing given their ideological differences. They came together and formed a coalition. NDP, and Liberals with the tacit support of the Bloc basically saying enough is enough , we taking back the government cause now we have a majority.

Wuhloss! So now we in a position where everybody scrambling now. Harper sweating bricks cause instead of having the opposition in check, the tables turn and they already tell the Governor General we ready to take over.

What gine happen next? Well they vote on this bill in parliament next week and all sorta outcomes could happen. New election, waste taxpayers money again, the GG could say tek the reins and Harper guhlong bout ya business or a number of other scenarios could play out.

All I know is that if the coalition get back in power Stephane Dion going to be Prime minister and this is a man that lost the elections worse than any Liberal leader since the 1800s and a man who was about to vacate the party leadership and walk into the sunset. Talk about upset and comeback! This would the political equivalent of Reggie Miller's 8 points in 6 seconds to win the game. From zero to hero (not that Reggie was ever a zero)!

But still a week or so left to see what going to happen. Lots of time so anything can happen. Meanwhile anti-perspirant and fans musse this years hot must have items for politicians in Ottawa cause the place hot like fyah!

What a la la!


GC (God's Child) said...

we need to start e-mailing and calling these public servants
make them answer some questions and feel some heat

princessdominique said...

I know you folks celebrate Thanksgiving wayyyyy earlier than us right?

Leon said...

Power is a funny thing. Admittedly, I don't know about who you're talking about (Canadian politicians aren't exactly famous) but it looks like things are heating up north.

Crankyputz said...


I think people made it pretty clear that no one wanted Stefan Dion as a leader....and these sheenanigans are just going to damage the liberal parties reputation further.

On a side note:


Stunner said...

Hmm, seems Canadian politics can get as heated as US politics.

Miz JJ said...

I am so sick of politics right now. All I can say is that Stephen Harper=EPIC FAIL. Worst.PM.Ever.

Abeni said...

Thanks for the education. At least I now know something about the whole goings on. Poor Harper.lol