Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Election Day

Today is election day in Canada. My prediction is that the ruling party wins another minority government and we see another election in a year and a half or two. To be honest I believe the average Canadian is rather apathetic about federal politics and elections at the moment. We could care less, none of our potential leaders are awe inspiring anyways.

Maybe that's why so many of us are interested in the Presidential election down south in the US. Actually most of us are more interested in that election than we are in this one. Blame it on Obama perhaps. Yesterday driving down York-Durham townline road I saw a sign next to the roadway saying honk three times for Obama. Today's Toronto Star ran a cartoon with a ballot with the names of the four leaders of the federal parties here and Obama name with Obama's ticked off on the ballot. Yep he would get votes here actually he is so popular that he'd win a landslide here, well at least in the urban areas.

Still this whole Obama thing and our own Canadian elections got me thinking. When will we see our own version of Obama here in Canada? And by Obama I actually dont mean inspiring politicians although there has been a severe shortage of those here lately and it would be nice to have someone who could bring some energy and make us interested in politics again. No what I mean is when will we see our own homegrown minority party leader and Prime Minister?

Yes Canada prides iteslf in being more Liberal than the US and we did had a female prime minister in Kim Campbell back in the 90s but she actually just inherited Mullroney's mandate and when elections were called she was summarily dismissed. But for all that is there any minority who's close to being the leader of a Canadian major party and vying for the post of prime minister?

Not that I can think of.

Look I accept it most likely wont be someone black. There's not a big enough or united enough black caucus here for us to push an Obama type that far up the power chain but the South Asian and Asian populations here, at least in most of the bigger urban centres, are pretty big and should be able to get someone up to those higher echelons of power. So why hasnt it happened yet? Why are the major parties here still mainly the bastion of white men and a few women?

Is it because outside of the main urban areas like Toronto, Monteal and Vancouver minorities still have no real pull? I dont know. I just wish we had some color at the top of our political parties or at least someone minority vying for that leadership when the party's held their conferences.

Maybe it'd help out with the dearth of charisma and personality at the top of the heap here. Or maybe not but it might put some interest back in Canadian politics. At least then we could debate on how whether we really are as liberal as we say we are.


GC (God's Child) said...

I was surprised when a Canadian friend on facebook was telling everyone to remember to vote today
what a shock
I never heard about Canadian elections from any of you bloggers up north. What's up with that?
And when are you going to have a native prime minister?

Jdid said...

i did mention elections in my barack 2 the future post. even had a link about the PM. and I was going to blog more about them last week about why Harper screwed up his shot at a majority but figured no one really cares

native prime minister? wouldnt hold my breath

GC (God's Child) said...

I suppose you must have
I really missed it

Stunner said...

I didn't even know about Canadian elections till last night. Everything seems to be so focused n the US elections these days.

Mad Bull said...

Blame the stength of the US Media Machine for that. Shut, I bet more people knew that Casey Anthony got charged with murder one than knew that today was the Canadian elections.

I think Barack should have run a double campaign. Maybe he could have forged one giant North American continent. Y'all might as well be one country, after all! Y'all back up the US so much that if they stopped marching forward, y'all would march right up their ass! ;)

No, Canadian people, please don't stone me to death, I was just kidding! I was ! Please!!!!

Ok, I admit it! The Caribbean marches to the US' orders too. Don't take what I said to heart. Please, just stop the stoning. Thats an activity more befitting to muslims anyway!

Oops, now I am being stoned on three fronts! Maybe I should shut the fack up and focus on dodging stones!

Mad Bull said...

Sorry, I meant one giant North American country... Of course, it would still be known as the USA, Canada would be a super state, with sub-states! Cool idea, huh? Eventually y'all would gobble up Mexico too! Thats probably in the next century though...

dalia said...

a native prime minister should happen before a black one, i think.

and i really don't think a black one would happen AT ALL in our life times, jdid.

canadians really aren't more liberal than the americans, we're just more covert, which is a far more insidious and dangerous problem...

Olivia said...

I think Canadians are still British at heart. Rejoicing in tolerance but still being run by old boys - from the boardroom to the parliament house.

So, are there any first peoples in Ottawa?

Sure, there is diversity among mayors but that is because they often do reflect the local populace. Have you heard of the (East) Indian governor of Louisiana, of all places?

Luke Cage said...

"canadians really aren't more liberal than the americans, we're just more covert, which is a far more insidious and dangerous problem..." - assuming this is true.. wow! Good Elections day post Bro