Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Brain Age

Are any of you familiar with this Brain Age game? Its some game for the Nintendo DS which is supposed to increase your brain health. You know they say brain health and activity decrease as you get older so this game is supposed to help you maintain your brain health and keep the brain active and thinking. Yea likely idea but anyway.

PhotobucketOn the subway, here in Toronto for the past three or so months I've been seeing a lot of ads for this Brain Age game. The ads come in different forms but generally feature two 40-50 something type persons one of whom is supposed to be using the Brain Age game and looks normal and another who apparently isnt using it and has a very small head, sort of reminds me of when Agent K shot off Tony Shaloub's head in the first MIB. I guess its supposed to portray that if you dont use your brain it shrinks.

Ok not a bad marketing campaign I suppose as it does sort of make its point.

My issue though is how come every ad I see with the couple, the person with the smaller head is always male? Wha dem trying to say about we man?

First off is a likkle sexist. If it was a woman portrayed wid atiny head an a man with a normal sized one I know nuff groups would be up in arms saying men downpressing woman and crying discrimination and lawsuits and is things so why woman cant get ahead. But I guess is alright to poke fun at man. cha!

Is just like dem sitcoms. The woman always got more sense than the man. Dat not true! Is nuff stupid stupid women out there too. Hollywood a lie as usual.

Anyway someone else blogged about the brain age thing I see and they were saying since women more likely to suffer from dementia as they age than men (I just going on what they say I din research it to see if is true) well how come is the fella dat have the small head. Maybe because women dont buy video games anyways.

Whatever! Still me an my small head self aint playing no brain age in fact I more likely to boycott the whole DS thing for that portrayal so them loss money wid people like me right now.



GC (God's Child) said...

that's interesting
I've never seen those ads but thanks 4 the link to the other post
marketing is just one big game to those ad execs

Jacqueline Smith said...

What a patronizing ad! The people who fall for it probably need the brain health anyway, I hope they get their money's worth.

Brotha Buck said...

Nawwww! Not for me.

Abeni said...

oh,we are just smarrter..thought everybody knew it:)

Olivia said...

Hahaha! You and you small head self have a good week ok?

princessdominique said...

I don't know about the brain age thing but I know this couple from an investment commercial and they are a very cute couple. I think they are married in real life. It's very convincing. If I wasn't already investing. I would.

Radmila said...

If men had lobby groups sending emails of offense to advertisers the minute these kinds of ads come on, they'd be pulled...like they often are when women are depicted in a negative way.

The problem is the same as the whole Christianity in schools debate...Christianity has been over represented over the years, so now it's accepted to ignore it's discrimination...same thing for men, besides...if men did complain, they'd be told to suck it up and not be such a bitch about it.

It's a vicious circle.

BTW, I've noticed that men are also often portrayed as buffoons in commercials. Mocked by their children and spouses. Maybe, I need to do a post about how men are depicted in advertising, citing specific commercials, instead of taking up your comment space.

clarabella said...

Yu kno wat dey say... any notice is good notice. De ad irritate you, but you notice it. And yes, is not fair, but if day had a small brain oman, dey would be into lawsuit long time! Don't kno bout how useful de game is, but anybodi wid alzheimer's in dey family wi tell you dat de brain exercise ting is crucial... De more active de brain de betta a body's chances as dey get older.

Ruthibelle said...

brain age, huh?

I prefer read a book and talk to sensible people!! Or get same kids. Cause that right there is plenty exercise for the brain.