Sunday, October 19, 2008

For the record

Saw the bajan play Going for Love last night. To be honest the turnout was a bit disappointing considering its only showing two nights here in Toronto and I've been to Laff it Off in that same venue and the place was packed to the balconies.

Its received great reviews having played at home in Barbados and in Guyana at this years Carifesta.

The play centers around Curtis and Velda, a married couple, played by Anderson Armstrong (of Square One fame) and Carla Springer. Velda has just returned to Barbados from Boston where she lives and is trying to convince Curtis to move back there with her. It gets a little complicated as the play goes on and it does have its moments of comedy and truth mixed in.

The actors were really really great but in my opinion the storyline was a little stereotypical (think Tyler Perry) at points and the male character really wasn't written with consistency. Sorry thats just my opinion.

I will leff it there.


princessdominique said...

It baffles me a lot of times the kind of support some things get. We say the same thing about buffoonery here. The movies and shows that make a mockery just get packed and filled to the rim and the serious stuff that show that you have some culture, are scarce and rarely attended. Sad. The same way with books. I know I'm beating a dead horse.

Campfyah said...

Heard about that play, I hope that it comes to my neck of the woods so that we can check it out. We have to support our up and comming artiste. some will be good and some not so good. but at least you gave them your support.

Stunner said...

I have a few local plays here I want to watch, will give a review when I do.

Abeni said...

never heard of it..will watch it if it comes to my part of the world or if it on when I in Bim