Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pistol Proof

Always calm under pressure no need to act ill
You gots to chill - EPMD

Ok so last night's town hall meeting between Obama and McCain was kind of boring.

McCain really couldn't hide his general dislike for Obama though and I found he was way out of order with his "That one" comment directed at Obama. Even ignoring any possible racial overtones, it was still the sort of response that made you almost forget the question to which it was the answer (something about Obama voting with Bush on some issue I believe) and just made you see McCain as a rude, arrogant old man with no respect, who oozes contempt for his younger opponent. It was well rude and outta place!

And not only did he use "That one" in reference to Obama but he pointed as well. It wasn't a full on turn around and point but he did point without looking directly at Obama. Hmmm well maybe not looking at him said something as well.

The comment and the gesture was like emphasising that you were so upset with this person, that they had done something so wrong that you just couldn't bring yourself to utter their name to look them in the face. It was terrible.

"It was he cross deyso, he is the body dat do it, he yes he, that wun deyso."

That was how I read that comment and anyone who has been pointed out like that knows its not a nice way to be referred to.

I must say though without regard of any other aspect of the presidential race that Obama has shown himself to be presidential material just by his cool manner. And I'm not talking about cool as in his being hip or well liked I'm speaking about his grace under fire, what seventeenth century Caribbean buccaneers referred to as being "pistol proof".

I mean speaking for myself if I had been referred to as such well if I didn't cuss out McCain directly last night at the very least I would let go two loud chupses or a serious cut eye in his direction. But Obama just lets it all roll off of him in a proverbial sticks and stones manner.

But it makes me wonder about these debates or should that be read as de-bait because it seems as if they are baiting Obama trying to make him lose his cool so that can catch him in the angry black man noose that they have waiting for him should he slip up. The entire Republican campaign has completely forsaken real issues for cheap shots at character and vague associations. They seem worried now and any semblance at decency and fair play has gone through the window.

But as the confusion swirls Obama has so far remained pistol proof, calm under pressure no need to act ill, letting it roll off his back like water off a duck's.

Less than a month to go should be interesting.

11 comments: said...

Yes, Obama has show himself as "pistol proof"--a fact that many of his detractor seem to ignore when they bring up the x-perience issue.

and John McCain just ain't the man he used to be. Or maybe his true colors are coming out now--when you get squeezed, the real you appears.


Luke Cage said...

I missed most of the debate, but from what I did see, I still think that Obama’s calm, measured speech was the overall winner in what was actually a lackluster debate.

Obama explained the Bush administrarion’s $700 billion financial rescue package in a very layman kind of way. Heck even better than the current Pres did himself.

And for a country trying to understand what the heck is going on in the economy, that was a service. BO explained the damage that has been done by deregulation of financial markets. His line about how we have had an “archaic 20th century regulatory system for 21st century financial markets” was exactly right.

And he was all over the problem involved in McShame's health care plans.

McCain, on the other hand, was boring, seemed disinterested and needed to be sitting in a rocking chair someplace. Do you notice that he doesn't even explain himself well and at the same time KNOWS that he doesn't? Geez...

GC (God's Child) said...

all Obama has to do is ride out the storm
McCain is going to take himself out of the running

McCain could have been a real contender if he kept his gloves on and picked a reasonable running mate

Ruthibelle said...

I declared Obama winner after they gave them three options to prioritise, and McCain said he would deal with alla them at once because "we're Americans..." (apparently a cure-all??) "...we can do this". Obama win it for me right thereso.

Abeni said...

I found it boring. Maybe they need to revamp these debates and somehow make it more interesting.

Empath said...

Obama has demonstrated grace under fire. He has more mettle than any of his opponents. He will dust that dirt off his shoulder. McCain makes me sick, really. (Oh and I corrected the tiny print problem from my latest post.)


princessdominique said...

These things are always boring to me. I always ask if it changes anybody's view of who they'll vote for. I think that my tolerance is low when it comes to giving people a platform to be stupid. I'm ready to vote already. But I will admit that I did appreciate Obama explaining what is going on in the economy and detailing the whole AIG thing. Those old boys should be BBQed!

Will said...

obama seems to me an embodiment of level-headed intelligence and unflappability...

mccain reminds me of a good old boy sitting on a porch, sipping a long rum punch, and shooting at the occasional racoon or crocodile... i'm just sayin...

i know this is weird, but the closer america gets to election day, the more i feel like christmas is coming...

Yamfoot said...

I also found it boring. Bring back Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and those exciting guys.

jdid, please change the link to my blog. I am now a dot net instead of a dot com.


titilayo said...

One thing the last few months of the presidential campaign (which has gotten so dirty recently) have shown is that Barack Obama is one classy, classy man. Whereas McCain and Palin are... well, they're making themselves look really bad.

Stunner said...

I think it was boring, so boring that I didn't really watch it. But I heard about McCain's "that one" comment and I too think he was being disrespectful.