Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Standard Sizes

When I instigate my insidious plan for world domination it wont be because I want to rule with an Iron fist, have people bow down in homage before me, because I trying to downpress the average man or because I have a misguided belief that I can bring about world peace.

Nuh uh!


The catalyst for my terrible campaign will be because I man just get fed up with cup and container sizes being non-standard. (ps: if you ever google cup size all ya duz get is nuff sites for bras and god knows what else related to breasts but I not talking bout nuhbody breasts here ok)

How hard can it be for us as a people to have a standard cup size when someone is buying a drink? I not even looking for a worldwide standard I mean cause I know that in a US large is XX-large in Canada and a bucket in the West Indies and that a Bucket in New York is a large wash tub size in Barbados. No, I not even looking for standards to be world wide but what about even city wide? Ya mean that is impossible? Cuhdear man!

Go into one coffee chain here and a medium is the size of another coffee chain's small. Go into a sandwich place and a large cup is the same size as the food place next door's extra large. It is one of the most annoying things ever I think cause you have to ask them well what a large look like or what size is a medium. And when you dont ask and somebody give you a large that really the size of somebody else medium you duz be thinking dem tief ya money or the cashier din hear you properly and give you a default size. Man, you shouldn't have to ask something so. Standardize man, standardize.

It cant be that hard, we have standards in most other places. Just pick some sizes and call them the standard. A large can be a 12 ounce, a medium a 8, a extra large a 16. Not a 8 ounce is somebody large and somebody else small. That nuh mek it.

Time for a change man, wunnah nuh hear what de man Obama say? Time fi change! Well he din chatting bout cup sizes but the slogan is relevant. Don't let me have to call up my troops and march bout the place robbing and pillaging before we get together as people and decide that standardization is good for the nation and the people and the economy.


Guyana-Gyal said...

But lookuh me story here, the google ad at the bottom is talking about bra size dis and bra size dat, after you done say that is not what you talkin' about.

But anyway, talking about cup and change, I want a GIANT SIZE cup full o' change, preferably Euro 'cause that money is strong, strong right now.

So Mr. World Leader, when you done standardise, you gon retire?

Campfyah said...

ha ha ha ha man and yuh know wha in Latin America a Large is a 1/3 size less US small. I'llneva fuget when I did living in caracas de first time and ask de man fuh a large coffee and near most die when he ghi me a coffe in a amounts tuh bout a shot glass or a lil more. But I feeling yuh on de standaridze sizes.

Crankyputz said...

I think you should hold a protest at City Hall, I will laugh at you from my window.

My parents have a similar pet peeve about wine glasses.

JerseyTjej said...

I must be really old, but I thought these things were sold based on standard US measurements...A cup is 8 ozs and I figured they added 4 more additional ounces for medium and a full 16 for the large...duh...I will get the opportunity to see next week when I return to the States for a visit!

Stunner said...

How so true, it seems different manufacturers have their own idea of what a cup size should be.

Leon said...

I dunno why this should be a problem. Why's the metric system in place? World leaders need to pay attention to the important things and stop wasting time on wars, poverty and hunger!

LADY ROOTS said...

Idren Jdid,

Wi wan justice! Wi wan justice!

Onnu culd see mi cardboard placard just a wave inna di breez?

Bless Up,
Lady Roots


What about BIG GULP at the Seven Eleven's?