Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bosh Bash

PhotobucketPoor Chris Bosh!

Been a tough season. Man oh man!

First off injuries, then de team that was supposed to be so good, according to the GM anyways, flop this season, then Shaquille O'Neal called him the Rupaul of big men in the NBA and now this! And them buss this new set of news on his birthday just to shame he lil more when he should be out feting. Cuhdear!

What news? I talking about the news that Bosh's former girlfriend/financee (yes I mispell it on purpose) suing him for child support.


And yes many of you will say NBA player being sued for child support ain't no big deal happens all the time. Which is true but Bosh has made his name in the NBA and in Toronto as being one of those guys who wouldn't be caught up in this type of drama. He's a "good guy". Nice guy image. That is the type of athlete Toronto likes and embraces even if they don't perform.

I mean irony of ironies Bosh's image here like O.D.B is all about the kids. Raptors foundation, Sick Kids, Make a wish, Literacy campaigns, Boys and Girls Club of Canada. Bosh is all over the media daily repping for one children's program or another so imagine how it look that he not taking care of his home responsibilities. Ya mean, he trying to look out for other people pickney but not his own. Mi naa buy it!

Image buss!

Truth be told I tell Bosh get ridda dat financee gal from the time she was on the sidelines heckling and riling up Lebron and mek we lost that game last season cause juss cause ya got front row seats and is a player girlfriend aint nuh right fa you to get involved in the game. Sit down, shut up and enjoy the overpriced ACC food like everybody else and leff off dat sorta thing to fellas like Mars Blackman and Col. Jessop, that's Spike and Jack Nicholson in case you didn't figure it out. If you want the spotlight I sure there is video girl work available otherwise stay outta big NBA man business that.

Still I din know that he (Bosh) had she pregnant. How he going kick she out of his house full pregnant and then refuse to support the child?

Cuhdear! Wha wid an alleged move like that I can only guess that he trying to tek heat off the other Chris (Mr Brown I talkin bout you).

Still I didn't come to beat up on Bosh yet. Like they say three sides to each story. She side is that he is a deadbeat dad. Lawless, good for nothing, igrant, ugly brute that wont look after his responsibilities. Only see the 4 month old pickney two time so far and baby mudda broke and need money to tek care of this chile.

His side? Well that came out this morning. He claim that his lawyers are the one's that started the proceedings and that he's apparently down to take care of his responsibilities and support the chile (whic he should be with all them millions he duz mek) but like de former financee she want extra and hit he wid a suit. Whax! Hmmmm.

Boshy boy ya have to be careful. I was just reading a Sport Illustrated article saying that about 60% of former NBA players duz be broke 5 years after their playing days done and saying that child support and divorce is two of the main reasons these men duz end up broke. Dont let she stick ya for all ya paper boy.

But anyways like I said three sides to each story. She side out, he side coming out and one can only hope to pick little piece of the third side, that being the truth, out of each of the other two stories.

All I know is Bosh image tek a good lik this week. Not sure if it going recover here in Toronto.

Ah what do I care I've been pushing for the GM to trade him since January anyways.


Ruthibelle said...

care enough to write a whole bog post bout it, lol

guess we all have seasons: great days, good days, bad days, worse days, then terrible, just plain old god-awful ones... both 'Chris'es seem to be goin through the latter...

Stunner said...

When yuh down yuh down. Rough on him.

Radmila said...

All the more reason to keep your dick in your pants when you have a lot to lose.

Choosing your partners wisely and being more than careful when you're in the big pubic eye.

When you're young and in the money, maybe you just don't think things out properly.

No offense, but young men can think rather stupidly.

Abeni said...

Oh well,a little PR may get him through and if that don't work then he will just learn the hard way

Crankyputz said...

lol, when my brother and I were chatting about this, he quoted me the same line, 3 sides to the story, his, hers and the truth...

What I did like was Chris's response to the situation, I heard him say something to the effect of I respect her, love my child, and hope I can work all this out...

Mad Bull said...

Based upon your assessment of her as being in this for the money, I wonder if the Bosh man tek blood test to determine if it is his yute? Suppose its not his and she trying to squeeze blood from stone? Horrors!

I will assume he checked that out though.

What you said about the NBA players being broke through the women taking theur paper, well, thats just sad.