Monday, March 09, 2009

So much for that

Remember just after 9/11 how the entire world was sympathetic to the US and people who found glee in the fall of the towers, or who blamed the US for their misfortune etc were the wackos and the sickos? We could even justify the invasion of Afghanistan with a well the US didn't start it or at least weren't the ones who escalated the conflict argument.

Then swiftly the world's opinion turned as retaliation and protection turned into naked aggression and an invasion of Iraq. Today Obama is still trying to get folks to change their opinion on the US to something more positive.

Well I'm finding the current Chris Brown/Rhianna episode somewhat similar somewhat. Initially we were all aghast over Chris Brown's behavior and there was no shortage of pity for glamour girl Rhianna. What kind of sick dude beats up a woman like that? Shame on him, shame shame shame. He deserve a good thrashing and some jail time and two cement bricks pelting at his head and a proper cutass.

And I still think he does actually but .....

The sympathy factor for Rhianna is starting to seriously fade because of her actions post beating. Even fellow females aren't really feeling that sympathetic towards her these days as with every news item or rumour you are left wondering just how stupid is this girl?

Yes she still didn't deserve her beating, no one does but why is she putting herself in a situation ie staying with Brown or letting him off the hook where she could be in harms way again? Did the beating cause some sort of head damage? Is she just that naive? There is fools falling in love and then there is stark raving madness and idiocy of the highest degree. From everyone's perspective other than it appears Rhianna her actions fall in the latter category.

And who the hell are her handlers and advisers? You mean there isn't someone to say girl look at how the man smash your face to a pulp? Do you seriously want to stay with him after that? Do you seriously not think he deserves to be punished? Why are you allegedly spending time with him? Stay the hell away from homeboy! Why not let the judge get a restraining order on him? Do you not realize that you are also harming your career by doing what you're doing now. You are making yourself into an object of ridicule and derision.

And yes I agree its always difficult to look at these situations from the outside with limited info and know exactly whats going on but damn the police report, a report based on your evidence, said the man went all WWF on her, headlocks and slamming head into car windows and all. These actions do not qualify as love taps, they qualify as unadulterated abuse.

And while its always in these cases easy to sympathize with a target, its harder to maintain that sympathy when the target does nothing to withdraw from the abusive situation or tries to lay it off. We feel like we're misplacing our emotions, like well why should we waste our time feeling sorry for you when you obviously don't care enough about yourself to try to put things straight. We feel like our initial outrage and anger has been thrown back into our faces by you.

Its a valid reaction.

Wake up girl, ya mekkin bajans and women all over the world shame.


Campfyah said...

she sure got Bajans vex enuff wid she, but it seems like the people in her camp are simply yes people and ein got enuff sense tuh look out for her well being which in turn would be looking out for their pockets.

GC (God's Child) said...

I think she needs to take advice from people who will give it for free

Once a friend shamed me like this--There I was sticking up for her and her taking the low road and saying, "oh, so and so did not really insult me--I have no idea why I was crying like that" So after that I just leave people alone and let them do what they have to do

Radmila said...

I've read that it takes at least 8 to 10 proper asskicking trips to the hospital before some women will leave, and some don't until they're beat to death.

I'm with GC...often you have absolutely no influence whatsoever.
It seems that some people need to do what they need to do until they're done.

Crankyputz said...

Pls read my one want's to be saved...

Poor girl, I hope she has the sense or the luck not to end up like Miss Whitney.

Urban Sista said...

Honestly, de whole ting got me tired. No woman deserve tuh get beat so. But a woman who get beat so need to find de strength tuh leave. Now, Rihanna ain' got neither chick nor chile wif Chris Brown. He don' pay she rent and he ain' in control of she finances. So, really, she ain't got no reason tuh stick around... except, she tink she love him. Love don't beat yuh and leave you in de street.

Supposedly, women who are beaten don't think rationally. They blame themselves and they believe love will get them through. I just hope that love doesn't kill her.

Mighty Afroditee said...

And you know (mere conjecture on my part) the way the psycho mand flip out on her, I wonder if its the first time 'im lick her so.

And the sad fact is, nuff women are just like her, and cannot see the forest for the trees.

T'will be interesting to see what happens to both their careers after this, especially as Queen Oprah has effectively condemned them to death.

r-dean said...

i wonder where her family is in all this? any mention of her mom/dad a brother a sister? she's still so young, i can't imagine none of her fam is there - or trying to be there, to try and help her out - or at least trying to keep her away from Chris?

Abeni said...

That's exactly how it goes in most instances. Most abused women will go back whether their name is Rihanna or Shanika down the street.

When you think you are in love and probably feel the abuse is your fault then sense goes out the window.

By the way from time I heard he hit her I immediately had a feeling that he had done it before. I just hope the next time she will live to tell the tale.

Will said...

we can only hope it doesn't happen again... so many young people look up to both these icons... what kind of icon abuses, and what kind of icon returns to it???

and if, by some magical, unicorn induced miracle, he never hits her again, wheat's that message??? does that then give millions of girls across the world hope that their abusive significant other will stop??? because he probably won't...


Guyana-Gyal said...

Okay, okay, in 'defence' of her...well, not really 'defence'...but to explain why she is behaving this way...there's something called Battered Woman Syndrome. It explains why a woman in an abusive relationship doesn't leave...has a lot to do with no self esteem and lots more.

Remember Tina Turner? How much she took before she finally left? The movie showed a bit of it, not all.