Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ok another Rihanna story but I aint focusing on she.

Apparently Rihanna flew her family in from Barbados for some big awards show in New York. I aint really into all the details but this part of the article caught my attention

The group went on to dinner at South Gate in the Essex House, where one Rihanna relative was spotted helping America's UN ambassador, Susan Rice, pull down the lining of her gown in the ladies' room.
For me this was just so quintessentially Bajan or West Indian. cause ya know bajan women over a certain age aint gine let ya get way walking round looking scruffy at all. UN ambassador or not, it doan matter, dem wud sort ya out propa. At least Rihanna family decide to help she out in the relative privacy of the ladies room cause ya know some a we people woulda see the lining aint fit right and go over to the ambassador at she table and pull it down right deyso and call she out in a real loud loud voice too.

But I can only imagine the conversation at Rihanna's family table beforehand:

"wait who is dat wid all dem big able security mens? wait dat is Michelle!! whichpart Obama is, he hay too?"

"No chupse! doan get excited, dat is not Michelle, you like you bline or sumting ya kno! you see Sasha and Maliah anyway bout hay? plus she too lightskin, unless Michelle start bleaching like dat baseball fella Sosa. Wuhloss!"

"Ya right soul, dat aint Michelle but whoever she is she like she is a big shot ya"
Rihanna interjects to quitely inform them that its the UN Ambassador.

"See I tell you she did a big shot. I say so from the time I see all dem big muguffy security mens walk through de door"

"well big shot or not you see she dress?"

"Wha wrong wid she dress? is a nice dress."

"you aint notice yet, you like ya getting bline in ya ol age fa true"

"hey hey, well now ya say so looka she doah"

"but nuhbody cann tell she dat the dress side skin up. wha dat aint look good at all fa a big shot like she. cuhdear. ya wud figure ona dem hardback mens woulda tell she sumting"

"looka whisper cross deyso an tell she to pull down the dress"
Much to Rihanna's emabrassment, frantic gesturing and psssing at Mrs Rice who has no idea whats wrong with the people at Rihanna's table.

"She aint noticing we ya kno. poor great so n ......"

"cuhdear doan do she suh bad nuh"

"Look, look she gettin up to guh in the toilet and de dress still skin up"

"wha she cant feel dat sumting wrong and all she slip showing? she cann feel a breeze?"

"um look too bad nuh? Poor chile, looka ambassador or not, I gine in the toilet an try an tell she something"

And the rest is history.


Mighty Afroditee said... so we stay, and I am sure that your account is JUST how it happened!

Rose said...

Funny story....

Abeni said...

Lol,if it didn't go like that I'm sure it was darn close. You idle yes

Jdid said...

idle people not creative like me ok

Crankyputz said...

reminds me of Eduardo and Ricardo story....

Loved it.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, you think you being creative and mekking up stuff but lemme tell you, the story go so for true.

I'm being creative here, imagining that it go so for true.

But the thing is, is so we does behave for true.