Monday, November 02, 2009

Grab my attention

So today I'm on the crowded subway. Not sure what happen this morning but at Kennedy it seemed more crowded than usual. No sitting room if you get on after Kennedy.

So anyway I grabbed a seat at Kennedy and I'm plugged in. By plugged in I mean I really ain't paying no attention to anyone and anything around me. Ipod going, not blasting but enough to drown out the extraneous sounds around me and trying to read the free newspaper. I took a look around when I first sat down to see who next to me and make sure nobody trying to roll a blunt again but then that's that. I'm in my own world. Listening to the Wu and trying to do a Sudoku. Hey what do you know, that rhymes!

Anyways somewhere down the line, I deeply into both my Wu and Sudoku and this young lady get in and stand up in front of me. Only saw her face when she get in and ain't pay no more attention to her.

So couple of stations later I look up and realize when she shift her position, hey she's pregnant. It actually wasn't obvious to me partly because I wasn't paying attention and partly because of the angle at which she was standing to my seat. So what do I do? I took out my earphones, looked at her and offered her a seat.

"Do you need a seat"
"No" she responds
"You sure?"
"Well I asked you for a seat earlier and you didn't say anything" She said with a scowl.
"Well I didn't hear you ask anything and I didn't notice you were pregnant" I said as I vacated my seat for her.

What da???

I mean seriously why is she upset with me. If she sees me deep in concentration on my Sudoku and earphones in my ear and clearly not paying any sort of attention to her how she going to whisper a question to me? At least try to grab my attention before she ask me something.

And the copping an attitude wid me. Chupse!

Plus was I the only one sitting that could offer her a seat? I wasn't exactly surrounded by senior citizens. If I ain't hear she ya would think that somebody else would have offered her a seat. How is this my fault? Why she getting attitude with me.

I mean, don't get me wrong at all, I ain't got nuh issues with giving up a seat for someone old or pregnant but if I ain't hear she or see she pushing bread cart so why would I randomly just get up and give way my seat?

Chupse! allya can say what ya wanta say but I feel she trying to mek me look like a bad man that deliberately ain't giving up my seat when I ain't do she nuttin.


BajanSistren said...

Maybe you look like de baby daddy and she and he had a noise this morning...or may she just don't have no behaviour.

Miz JJ said...

Pregnant ladies are grumpy.

nahmix said...

well, at least when you came to and noticed she was pregnant, you did the right thing. her attitude wasn't necessary, but give her a pass. there's a lot going on in her body (literally) right now. not to mention, you may not have noticed she was pregnant, but to every pregnant woman I've ever met, they feel larger than life. in their heads, everyone should be able to see they're pregnant.

Radmila said...

people don't think, and like Miz JJ said "pregnant ladies are grumpy".

GC (God's Child) said...

no good deed goes unpunished

Lion-ess said...

once, my bf got up and give his seat to a pregnant woman... well just as she sat down, she unbottoned her coat and took off her bag that surprisingly was strapped to her front... she wasn't pregnant at all!

Anonymous said...

Just a miscommunication.

There is no need to get angry.

Abeni said...

Such a gentleman(lol). I thought the end of the story was she walked away from you.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Man Jdid, PMS and pregnancy mean bad moods and mood swings.

I still tink you was sweet to give up that seat. And this rhymed too!