Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pass the kutchie

Smoking the indo by the window is tricky
Mad izm - Channel Live

It must be me. I like I duz attract strange people. Wha juss today somebody walk down the hall in front a me an I aint sure whether um is a he, she or caster semanya but anyways.....

In the last month twice have I been on public transit in Toronto and someone next to me pulled out a baggie of weed and started playing with it.

The first time was late last month coming home from the Ex (National Exhibition) one night on the Bathurst streetcar sitting down in the back. Not too many people on the streetcar so dude gets in, proceeds to pull out his little ziplock bag of what could pass for fresh spices and starts to sift through it. I aint got nuh experience in this but from what I'm told he was picking out seeds. I try not to stare, he has his head down in his weed bag, picking out whatever he picking out and I just sit incredulously thinking this is crazy and real brazen too (although to be honest I hear the police duz give people a pass these days with minute amounts of weed although I doan know for sure). Anyways he did his thing, our eyes never met, after 5 minutes of sifting he put the bag back in his pocket and that was that. End of story.

The second time was today. Big skinny baldhead skinhead looking cat in his late teens or early 20s comes and sits next to me at Kennedy station. Now I don't be looking at people too hard on the train but I like to know who next to me just in case anything happen I can identify somebody. Plus there was a curious smell about this guy. Couldn't place it at first cause it wasnt exactly weed but it was weed-like.

Anyway train pulls out and dude goes into full "How to roll a blunt" tutorial mode like Redman. I mean when I see the lil bag of green stuff come out I say to myself not another one. Cheese on bread ya mean twice in one month I gotta be next to these poppits! Dude then proceeds to put his hands into said bag, pull out some green stuff and put it in pieca newspaper. He sifts through it a couple of times then does something or the other with a cigarette pulls out a wrapper puts the weed in it and then rolls, folds and licks. All this took about 6 stations or roughly 12 minutes or so.

Meanwhile train full full cause its rush hour and people looking on. I sitting there thinking this man is a real poppit but is this a crime or is it not a crime and if its a crime what the hell does one do? Mind you I'm like if a man suh igrant to pull out he weed and roll a spliff next to me then I aint igrant enuff ta step to he an say nuttin cause next thing I like dat fella dat get he head chop off in the greyhound bus or something so so lemma juss leff he loan. Now if he light um up there and then that is a different story cause we gine got issues though.

Unbelievable or is that Unbeweedable!


Miz JJ said...

I don't take public transit. I live in a small city and can walk to work. However, when I was in Vancouver I took the skytrain and this dude came on just blazed. Eyes red, walking all slow. I did the subway prayer in my head "Please don't sit next to me. Please don't sit next to me. DO NOT SIT next to me" to no avail. He sat next to me and he reeked, I mean reeked of pot. I just got up and moved. I'm sorry, but no. I do not want to be anywere near that mess. At all.

Guyana-Gyal said...

They trying to trap you. I ain't know who and how but they trying to trap you.

Heh, I bet you real frikken now.

Guyana-Gyal said...

frikken as in 'frightened'