Monday, September 14, 2009

Serena Meltdown

Lovely weekend for black celebs wasn't it? Kanye, Serena and to some extent Jordan depending on who you speak to. Oh and just for the record black folk just cause they black dont mean you have to be upset by their actions and get into that whole they let down the race rhetoric. Kanye aint family to you, Serena dont know you from a hole in the wall so whatever alright.

Still I wanted to comment on Serena's meltdown at the U.S open on Saturday. It was a meltdown almost worthy of the great John McEnroe. ESPN described it as a "profanity-laced, finger-pointing tirade" oh my! There was Serena pointing her racquet and berating the poor lineslady who looked like she wished she could small up herself and escape the serious busing Serena was raining down on her. Cuhdear! I mean I din even there and I did feel a way about how Serena was carrying on to the woman.

And when the match ref came out I was waiting for the lineslady to buss into tears and run hide up behind the man and shout out "daddy, daddy that woman dere unfairing me", that was how scared she looked. Probably peed in her pants poor ting. Shame, shame on you Serena.

But to me the most interesting stuff happened at Serena's press interview after the match. One reporter told Serena that the lineslady said she felt threatened and Serena tried to play it off, with comments like she's never been in a fight in her life and making it seem like she is such a dainty never hurt a fly soul and it was absolutely ridiculous for this woman to be afraid of her.

Well Serena sorry if I disagree with you there. First off I'm a dude but if you had shook your racquet and cussed me out like you did that woman on Saturday I'd be a little afraid so you cant really question why this little wisp of a woman, 100 lbs wet, would be frighten of a big Amazonian built Serena with a racquet shaking at her. Seriously what world do you live in where you question why that woman would be afraid of you.

Not to mention you're big and black and from a certain perspective you can be a tad bit oh who am i kidding scary as ass. Yea I shouldn't go there but lets be real. There are average non-threatening black folk, smaller than you, shorter than you, not holding any implements like racquets or anything more scary than a mocha latte who scare the crap out of folks of other race every single day. Why would you think with a big racquet that could be used as weapon being waved menacingly that this woman shouldn't be afraid of you? Come on now.

And consider ya self lucky too Serena cause if that was me or anudda average black fella or woman off the street getting on so we would have already been maced, tasered and Rodney Kinged by about 50 policemen.

And may I also say your behavior was like school on a weekend, no class. Yes the lineswoman screwed up the calls and you were upset but damn girl ya naa have no broughtupsy? I mean its bad enough when guys act like that but women, and black women and black women with some standing, who could be perceived as role models. Come on now! You played yourself! I I did family ta ya I would feel shame but I aint so whatever.


Anonymous said...

This was a weekend of meltdowns. Serena has new man. Maybe she was looking for some street cred. Don't you just love it when some athlete gets fined. No big deal!. Woman you just gave away 10 500$ not to mention some of your potential sponsors.

What about Kanye and his stunt at the MTV awards? He needs a good lash.

GC (God's Child) said...

wow, I actually laughed out loud
good one
no, but for real, she is scary and isn't she from Compton or some scary place like that?

Anonymous said...

Man I feel dat people should lay off Serena, she had a meltdown plain and simple, and when yuh ein de heat of things, anybodie gine get cuss out when so much is at stake. dem fellas does play unda a lotta pressure and people should be glad dat Serena ein melt down before cause over de yrs a lotta people throw a lotta insults and stuff at dem girls.

As fuh Kayne, idiot is as idiot does.

Anonymous said...

We have all bad days and behaved in ways we shouldn't or said things we wished we hadn't. Things happen.

How come the media goes crazy when a black athlete so called "misbehaves".
She has apologized. Time to move on.

As for Kanye, an idiot does what an idiot wants? Drinking from a cognac bottle in public. Show some class. He wasn't even nominated in that category. I am getting tired of the the celeb madness.

AirBourne said...

When they reach back and fine Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe for being just as snarly and foul-mouthed I will accept, until then it seems to me if you black you must be purer than driven snow, steupse!

Stunner said...

If I was that small lines lady and Serena was talking to me like that I would be scared too! Bad behaviour is not excusable, however, she is not the first athlete to curse out an official at a game, it happens all the while in every sport.

Anonymous said...

I think Serena got caught in the heat of the moment, and let her emotions get the best of her. That same weekend they showed an old Jimmy Connors match because of the rain delay, and he was cussing that umpire left and right because of a bad call, and Jimmy kept going back by the umpire chair and taunting him every time he won a point. I guess these days they're less tolerant of that kind of behavior.

Guyana-Gyal said...

McEnroe came to mind, but didn't he throw A LOT of tantrums? From what I've heard, Serena is not normally a tantrum child. Still, it was bad behaviour.

Bad behaviour is getting quite trendy all around, not just in sports. People go on blogs and 'buse bloggers for having opinions that different from theirs. People think it's okay to be rude.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Road rage. Cussing the teacher. Cussing a business place. See how much bad behaviour deh 'bout the place?

Crankyputz said...

Gosh You had me laughing so hard, I had to close the door.....good one Jdid, Good One!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I will agree with you that it was a great weekend for black celebs.

The Serena rant to me was uncalled for but I think there is a bigger issue when the line judges decide to call all foot faults on the Williams' sisters. We know they are very competitive so things do happen when you are down match point.

Abeni said...

The funniest thing was Serena doing a Chris Brown and claiming not to remember what she said to the woman. Then somebody musta spoken to her and she tried to do some damage control in the second interview.

Anonymous said...

"like school on de weekend?" Did you make that up? Am I the only person who found that funny? I still haven't seen the clip of the tantrum. I should really watch it for myself to see what all the fuss is about.

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Mad Bull said...

Poor Serena. She let herself down.