Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Schools in

A lovely back to school morning it was. Subway slower than usual with the prerequisite delays for the new school year etc etc.

Recently the news had a story about the desire to kill the kilt ie the plaid skirts that catholic school girls wear due to immodesty. They say the skirts getting too short. Well I really didn't pay much attention to either the skirts or the story but then on my bus ride to work this morning one young school girl got in wearing a ridiculously short skirt. I mean if the skirt had been any shorter we would be calling it a belt, if the skirt was any sorter it would be a kirt, if the skirt was any shorter well I got a few more metaphors but I going leave them off this blog for now so come up with your own.

And it didn't help that she seemed to want to show off her skirt or lack thereof either. She stood up massaging the bus pole (training for her future career I'm guessing) while numerous seats were available and she kept leaning over to talk to a friend who was sitting. I guess maybe there was some young boy who was titillated by all this but really for such a young girl, skirt was way too short. How parents duz let dese children leff home looking so though?

No wonder the school boards want to ban the kilt.


nahmix said...

catholic school girls are the worst. believe me, i know. my sister and i are both products of catholic school education. :-)

GC (God's Child) said...

the public schools around here that do uniforms have the girls in pants as well.
I think that works great. Great for winter too.

Anonymous said...

Bring back the uniforms pure and simple. None of that personalization stuff. Skirts at a decent length and pants around the waist.

Guyana-Gyal said...

If they wear uniforms, don't the schools have rules about length and so on?

Abeni said...

Gotta wonder about the parents here. How you letting your child out your house looking like that?

Anonymous said...













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