Monday, September 21, 2009

de Hypocrite dem (me)


Ok Caribbean people admit it, its just not me or maybe it is, but when you heard that American sprinter Tyson Gay ran 9.69 in Shanghai this weekend, the same time Bolt did at the Olympics last year, allya first thought was steroids right? Come on admit it, confession good for the soul. I know mine were.

And then I had to stop myself and say but is why when Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt run 9.69 and recently a world record 9.58 seconds I didnt have those same thoughts? How come I can argue that Bolt can do these phenomenal times running clean on breadfruit and yellow yam but I cant do the same when Gay run them?

Forgive me for the self indulgence but I just trying to analyze any hypocrisy in my thought process. Is it that when I see a Jamaican/Caribbean man running them times then I believe that he's clean cause I more easily empathize with him than with an American? Is it that I can justify Bolt's rise to prominence because I was hearing about him from the time he was 15 or since he bout half a foot taller than most sprinters I can justify the whole longer strides, less strides to the finish argument?

Or is it that I just bias bad against Americans cause I already see evidence of that in my reaction to Bolt's showboating. Ya done know I would be cussing arrogant Americans for their showboating if they behaved the way Bolt does sometimes. So yea I really that bias fa true? I trying to understand this thing so help muh.

Rationalizing it, I guess I could argue that Powell supposed to be injured this season at least that was his argument all season long when Bolt was cuttin he tail. How a man wid supposed groin injury so duz just run 9.69 seconds like that? That is like telling me a one leg man can win the triple jump.

But then I look at these phenomenal times by all these modern day sprinters (not just Bolt, Powell and Gay) and think but how these men cutting a tenth of a second off the 100m times so? I mean before people was cutting maybe a hundredth if they lucky two hundredths and times were like 9.92 and 9.86, 9.84 and such and all a sudden just so literally in the blink of an eye we jump from everybody in the 990s to everybody in the 970s and such and the top men down in the nine sixes and nine fives? How all a sudden mankind mek that leap and get so so fast so? Is it the training? We mek so many new advances in training that the men can get that fast that dramatic? Is it in the shoes? I mean the Swimming applecart get offset wid them new fancy full body swimsuits that had everybody an their granny brekkin records this year so ya never know about the shoes? But what if is something else.

I dont know man. Is a skeptical world we living in, and I can be in the running for chief skeptic sometimes cause something just dont seem right to me now.

I can deal wid one man being a freak of nature, a phenom, a once in a lifetime occurrence but when ya see two fellas and more at the same time so. You gotta start thinking odds and probability and while it could happen ya duz juss feel a ways that something or somebody aint playing fair. Maybe I a lil jdid by the whole baseball world and their accusations and the things that get expose over the years and that clouding muh judgment cause well sprinting aint exactly been known to have the best reputation lately.

That is all I got to say for now cause I cant prove nuttin and hearsay and innuendo aint a good look on me. I gine accept that I Jdid am biased but at the same time I got a certain feeling and without pointing fingers saying something here does not feel right.


corvedacosta said...

I think as Caribbean people we are biased and rightly so - he is from us. However, I find it amazing that they can run these fast times naturally. Hearing Bolt say he can run faster is even more frightening.

I am tired of Bolt winning now so hearing Gay is turning up the heat I am happy. I think Gay is being misguided when he wants to enter all these other events -he will just lose focus and get tired faster than he would doing fewer events.

Bring it on Gay I love it.

Abeni said...

I am sceptical of everybody from the time Marion Jones who never tested positive admitted to using drugs.

Abeni said...

Everybody=all athletes. That said I still love my athletics

Stunner said...

I'm sorry, but the US athletes have been on so much drugs in the past (and may still be), that any American athlete that performs well is instantly suspected in my mind!

Jacqueline Smith said...

I actually thought- oh they catching up...Once the bar is raised you generally have all round increased performance. Like once someone ran sub-ten, then running sub-ten became the norm.

Dao of Photography said...

My take is simple yet will probably be controversial - dem all on de juice! Why? I don't believe that they have a choice. If they want to be successful ie, run, train, run, train, recover from injury etc they have to be doing something. How could Marion Jones not test positive? My take is that she was doing just enough to get the job done. A lot of these athletes that run into issues probably have a more is better attitude and that leads to positive tests and suspicion. The demands on the bodies of these athletes today are so high that I don't believe that they can perform to the level that they do without chemistry. Baseball, basketball, football, track and field etc they all doin' juice! Right or wrong is a matter of perspective - just ask yourself this - if you had a job doing taxes and were doing them by hand and along came the calculator would you buy a calculator or would you continue to do them by hand?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you are no longer on the Usain diet?

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Mad Bull said...

I didn't doubt it. I just wondering if he will catch up with Bolt one of these days!

Anonymous said...

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