Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Convenient Memory


I thought I was done wid this Rhi Rhi nonsense since she expose sheself to all an sundry but Chris Brown chupse! Who you really trying to fool?

Wunna could believe this Chris Brown fella though? Look in local Bajan parlance this Chris Brown fella could only be a real johnny or as a certain teacher at high school used to say a John John. Wha I could only believe that is what wrong wid he cause he head cant be right.

I mean he get on Larry King Live on big CNN (to be telecast tomorrow night) and boldly say he dont remember hitting the girl Rihanna? Wha looka muh crosses though!! He black an blue the woman face and send the poor chile to hospital and have the gumption to say he don't remember. Well well well!

Now as an aside, nuhbody like dem doan like this Rihanna girl doah. Poor chile! Cause I been reading the internets, yes the blogs and the message boards and the facebooks (but not the twitters) and I realize something. I notice that nuff nuff African-Americans use this incident and the fact that Rihanna and he used to tussle to let loose all dem deep seated prejudices and talk foolishness bout Caribbean women. Yes I see it clearly all over the place.

And I see also that other Caribbean nationals use dis chance and their prejudices to talk foolishness bout Bajans and Bajan womens too. Wunnah know who wunnah is, shame shame on wunnah.

I mean I aint got none a dem issues I just duz diss she cause she went Cawmere and as a Kolij man myself I doan particularly like Cawmere people. (Look I just joking ya). Naa I duz just laugh at she occasionally cause I duz be shame to see a big bright Cawmere girl like she end up in these predicaments and aint using she common sense (dat cud neva happen to a Kolij or QC girl by the way. Nevers! ) Amm wha wunnah mean the Bajan PM went Cawmere and he gine tek way my passport? Looka let me reiterate dat I juss joking alright.

But seriously some of the comments I've seen is like the girl did name Jacob and steal somebody birthright (read wunnah bible if wunnah doan get the reference wunnah heathens). Is like she tek something that din hers or she shun be riding the big time cause she from a small two by three island dat doan even show up pun the globe properly depending on scale sometimes. Cuhdear! Wunnah need to realize we bajans aint wait fa juss she to represent we ya, learn wunnah history we been contributing to the world long time as small as we is.

I did juss wanta say that. But now back to this Chris Brown poppit.

How he gine get pun the people tv and tell people he dont remember hitting she? Ya mean he hit she so hard that he feel the lash and um gi he amnesia? Wuhloss den!

An why all a sudden he dressing like Urkle. Wha I half expect he to start off wid a "did I do that?" in a Urkle drawl. Actually come to think of it that might have been a better response than he don't remember.

Or is the bowtie training for a position with the Nation of Islam? Chris I wanta know wha de bowtie all about man.

Oh I get it the bowties supposed to mek you seem gentler and kinder like you wun hurt a fly? Yea Chris amm you really feel somebody gine fall fa that big trick?

Yea right good attempt at damage control an ya might succeed wid certain poppits but to me this is too little too late boy. They say the record label might drop ya so now ya frighten and trying to portray good boy. I guess Rihanna was good girl gone bad and you gine be bad boy gone good.

Plus I guess the fact that it came out in the sentencing that this abuse thing wid you wasnt nuh one time thing (as bajans was saying from day one cause we did hear bout how he mash up the girl car in bim) and there had been several prior incidents of abuse got ya in bare pottuh or to use another bajan term to explain the bajan term pottuh ya in duck's guts.

So yes Mr Brown, you aint really fooling nuhbody wid ya baby blue preppy sweater. Even if you forget it we see the pictures and we know ya beat up the woman. Man up and tek ya liks. Say sorry, say ya got issues, say ya will never do it again but doan say ya doan recollect the incident. Wha you is the Hulk that you turn green and then duz wake up in ya bividees and ask wha juss happen? Chupse! Son this whole I doan remember thing is just cartoonish. Ya mekkin yaself look even worse than before, worser i guess.


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha man from de time I see de clips, I had to laff about de baby blue bow tie muhself. he dey pun Larry King wid he mout all wring up trying tuh play he got amnesia chupse. He got a lotta damage control tuh do now that RhiRhi brek out wid she new song and continuing wid she Cover Girl contract...

Doan pay dem yankees nuh mind dat dissing she, dem just jellus so

corvedacosta said...

The is guy is a big big liar and the media gives him the light road. The law didn't punish him so society should by ignoring his stunts and music. How in the world can you not remember hitting someone in the face, banging their head on the dashboard and squeezing their throat to the point of choking shouting 'i'm gonna kill you'. Are we buying this crap?

Young girls do not value themselves these days when they can defend an abuser and make it right for a guy to lay hands on them. This is the world we are living in now.

What is also depressing is that the mother who was abused should have used this opportunity as you say on big big cnn to put abuse in context - continuing the trend. She came out supporting her sons actions. WoW.....telling your celeb son he is wrong is bad parenting.

The law didn't even punish him. I would give him some months in prison - let him feel what it is to be abused. Then when he gets out he will still be on probation and then pile on those community service hours. Punishments like these motivate men to beat women more.

Chief Lymer said...

He is a big fat hairy liar yes! Is really nuh reember him seh him nuh remember lick the girl? I want him to be air dropped into B'dos or Jamaica for that matter (my island) and then let him tell the gathered bretheren seh him figet. I am sure they could jog his memory.

Also, it's true many young women let guys take too much liberty with them. Often duppy know who to trouble. I hope lessons will be learned from this.

Empath said...

He kinda sickening now. No shame.

Yes Mr. Kolij man Jdid, maybe some of her Cawmere buddies could roll deep and deal with his case fo real.

Anyone who sanctions what Chris Brown did or tries to justify it for whatever reason should be made to stand in ants nests with honey smeared all over their feet. Just saying...

Guyana-Gyal said...

I think the judge should sentence him to counselling, nobody in the media don't really address that issue, and I can never understand why.

And she too, she need counselling.

[I used to do shows for tv on dis topic and talk to counsellors and so].

Abeni said...

Wow,Chris Brown is sillier than i thought. The boy is so obviously uncomfortable and not to mention lying through his teeth.Who send he to CNN? SMH

Stunner said...

[still shaking my head at Chris Brown] Jackass!

Dao of Photography said...

You went to Kolij too. Small world - I bet it was Kelloggs you referenced about the John, John comment! I was there from '83 - '89.

Rose said...

Chris needs counseling. Once he does that and apologize and help other young people, his life will get better. He is young enough to get help. Kids do immulate their parents no matter how hard they try not too.

Radmila said...

Nice bow tie, though.