Saturday, August 29, 2009

Three for one

Three of my favorite stories of the past few days.


I love this story, you know bare men now going be using this as an excuse to chase young girls in fact I already warn the wife about her replacement being imminent. Needs to find me a lil young yam to keep me warm in my old age or at least let me get to see old age cause de wife still doing her best to try to knock me off prematurely.

Speaking of de wife. Boy I like I cant mek no more a dese jokes about her on this blog cause I see this story yesterday

Wuhloss, de mudda in law get so tired a de jokes at her expense that she sue. Wha imagine if my wife ever read this story? I wud be in bare trouble then. Well actually it doan matter she cud sue but half or all a nuttin is still nuttin so I aint scared.

And then my favorite story this week. This one from Mali where the government just put into place a new family law that say that women dont have to obey their husbands. Apparently this law has the whole country in an uproar and people real vex about it. Read here. The big joke for me though was this quote from this woman who is the president of the National Union of Muslim Women's Associations (NUMWA) and is against the new law,

  • "A man must protect his wife. A wife must obey her husband," she says " It's a tiny minority of woman here who want this new law; the intellectuals. The poor and illiterate women of this country, the real Muslims, are against it."

I mean I've heard people wield the poor and illiterate rhetoric like it is a badge of honor before but really in this situation does this statement make you look good or help out women? I think not. Basically from this I read well we that dont know any better do not want this law. Why is wunnah edumacated people trying to offset our culture and stop us wallowing in stupidity.

Maybe thats not what she meant but thats my interpretation.


Empath said...

You too funny Jdid. I wonder what the first article says about the health benefits of younger women marrying older men?

AirBourne said...

Luckily my wife is 3 years my Jr, but if they say younger... I better shut up 'fore she drive a lawsuit in mi tail, LOL!

As for Mali... It made me think of my wedding, it did not have "love, honour & OBEY" nor the part if there any objections, BUT - the priest stated stated I am my wife's "Lord" and she MUST follow my direction!

Whoo-hoo, she ready to jump up then but I hold she hand & said Hush not now.

I always tease her that since she en't say nutten when it happened then she accepted I am her Lord so get to it - if a dirty look could cut arse? Mercy!

Abeni said...

Lol,well I think it means the uppity minority want to come in and upset the good old practices.So the majority are insiting they should rule

Guyana-Gyal said...

I tell you, is people like dem Mali people who does get me vex, they mix up religion with culture and come up wid dis? Like they fo'get the other part...that the husband must obey wife too.

Mali, by the way, is where one o' my favourite musicians come from, oh boy, that man coulda play guitar so til!

Hahaha, them Max Planck Institute really scraping the barrel bottom there.

Anonymous said...













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