Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bolt & Tiger

I'm sorry Sports Illustrated and ESPN but the biggest story this weekend was Bolt's 9.58 second not Tiger losing some golf tournament. Sure its the first time Tiger's been chased down when leading going into the final day, sure now golfers everywhere think he has chinks in his armour and can finally show some backbone when going up against the dreaded Eldridge Woods but its still not the biggest story.

Usain Bolt obliterated his old record of 9.69 with a stunning 9.58 on Sunday. 9.58 seconds?? Do you realize how fast that is? Consider that the record up until 10 years ago wasn't even less than 9.8 seconds and that no one besides Bolt has run under 9.7. Its phenomenal. Consider that Tyson Gay pulled out the choke and ran the race of his life, the fastest any other person has run without the assistance of the wind, a 9.71 seconds and placed second.

Come on man, in a week except for the hardcore sports fans we'll forget if we ever knew who beat Tiger or where it was he lost but Bolt's 9.58 that's going to live on for a long time.


Crankyputz said...

Agree, twas the biggest news.....

I love his classic stance once he wins, and he can go faster...that's the cool part...

Anonymous said...

Which one was the biggest? Good question. Bolt was great and will get greater. Since the US doesn't have the faster 100m man runner they don't care. Plus track is bigger in Europe than the U.S.

As for Tiger he needed that major. BTW who was the guy that beat Tiger?
Tiger lost but who beat him.

Congrats to Andrew Hinds. keep up the good work.

Scratchie said...

Fastest without the aid of wind or the other stuff lol

Anonymous said...

You made a point that ESPN was not featuring the feat by Usain and that is so true. Many people in the USA are still dumb as to who the world's fastest man is. I think CNN covered this more than ESPN lol I may be wrong.

This run by Usain Bolt is an amazing run, 9.58secs by a human over the 100m is no easy run. This guy does it so easily surely he can run and lower his record.

Abeni said...

A record breaking event is always the bigger news.Wait ESPN will say that the first win by an Asian is:)

Anonymous said...













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