Thursday, August 06, 2009

I dare you

De heathen back dey pon de wall.

It was an unspoken challenge. I dare you! If you feel you is a bad john den I dare you.

Me, well I dared not. There was something about the eyes. It spoke a million words. Some feral look which spoke only of my own peril if I made any misstep and took the confrontation further or rather started a confrontation cause in my opinion it wasn't one.....yet but it could easily have been one with the quickness and then what. What was my escape strategy? Was I prepared to go all out over stupidness? Naa those that know me know if I feel its worth it I'll bring the pitbull intensity but otherwise in the words of Redman whatever man.

In a sense I would have felt better though if words had been exchanged, if swearing had ensued. If idle or real threats had been made. Then I could size up what I was facing: Real danger, exaggerated swagger, fake badman/woman, Plexiglas thug. It would have felt less threatening, less dangerous, less like I was going to be in a fight for my life if I didnt just walk away.

And so I moved on. No need for confrontation, not in this place, not with this person I didnt know, not at this time, not over a trivial matter. It was the best move I felt. Save the drama for something that really mattered cause this is how folks get murdered over really silly ish.

Yet it bothered me. One innocent action on my part to protect myself had somehow been misconstrued and taken as a personal offense even though it wasnt. One move, miscalculated on my part because I thought it was so innoculous, so unoffending, that no one would mind and that it wouldnt bother anyone and yet now here I stood faced off with the eyes from hell with the ridiculous response to my actions and the unspoken challenge giving off more intensity than GI Joe #21 (for the uninitiated GI Joe 21 (1984) was this issue done with no words at all but the intensity was surreal. Its a classic).

Well at least I didnt run away, just moved away at my own pace cause although I wasnt trying to intensify the situation I wanted them to know I aint no punk and if they pursued the matter any further I'd have to get igrant. And they wouldn't like me when I'm igrant.

Still some folks are just mad uptight and want to set it off for the slightest reason. I guess you never know what side of the bed folks wake up on or what issues they have ready to let loose on some innocent bystander. Oh well.

Still, I now have a better understanding of some of those stock phrases like, the eyes spoke volumes.or they shot daggers from the eyes, or if looks could kill.

Yep, I've seen it like a 27 inch zenith believe it!


Crankyputz said...

At least you had the good sense not to tango with any such stupidity...

Campfyah said...

Yes boye, sometimes it's just better tuh leave them situations alone and let them lay demselves out

Will said...

good choice to walk away... this is why i hardly ever go anywhere...

Guyana-Gyal said...

It takes more courage / strength to walk away.

Plus, you never know what disease people have now, when them thump you and you skin break and them skin break and broken skin meet broken never know what them can infect you with. If that ain't incentive to walk away, I don't know what is.

Crankyputz said...

Loved the pics on FB