Monday, August 24, 2009

Call me

I have that face. Had it for a long time too.

What face I'm talking about? That face that everybody mistakes for somebody else. Not sure why but it just happens too regularly that someone mistakes me for someone else. Luckily as yet none of my doppelgangers have committed any major crimes but I keeping in shape in case I have to run quickly from a case of mistaken identity.

Take a few weeks back. First the lady at the doctor ask me if I had been there the previous week, then she ask me if I have a brother that look like me. No and no.

Then there was the bus last week. From the time I get in I notice this fella giving me the once over. I mean the man eyeballing me hard hard hard then. Paid no attention whatsoever but when the man get off the bus he went round to the side I was sitting on and pointed at me then made the universal call me sign with his hands to his head. I of course played right along. You want me to call you? Me? alright then. Thumbs up and a shake. Yea man I gine call ya this evening. Meanwhile I have no clue whatsoever who this cat is. Hopefully he don't see me again and cuss me out.

Oh well I can always just argue I lost his number or maybe I'll just admit I haven't a clue who he is.


Luke Cage said...

Oooh damn bro! I'm laughing at you because you played along and you were like "alright then." - lol - I know me. I would've been looking behind me, in front of me and back to him like.. you don't know me mannnn!

Crankyputz said...

your too funny..
For what its worth, I find your face very unique! I haven't met another you since!

Abeni said...

Lol, I think you just got hit on!

bakannal said...

lol. was walking in the city once and saw this fella who looked familiar staring at me so i thought i knew him from ball or something. we nodded at each other and proceeded on our way. it was until i reached home later that i realised the chap could've passed for my twin.

Dao of Photography said...

Too funny! It happens to me as well. The other day I was at the gas station fulling up and this woman said that I looked like Dave Chapelle - common features of Dave and I - both black males on the slim side. Open your eyes or close your mouths people!

Jdid said...

abeni that was cold lol

dao you look nothing like Dave Chapelle this is too funny.

Guyana-Gyal said...

If you know hoo much people always telling me I look somebody they know, shees. Yet I never see a soul who look like me yet.

Bakannal - hahahahaha

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