Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bolt SI cover


I see Sports Illustrated is giving Bolt props for his record breaking sprints last week by making him the cover for this week's edition. Way to go!

ESPN on the other hand continued to give dreadful coverage of Bolt and the entire world games. I mean a man runs 19.19 seconds in the 200m and he is reduced to a footnote beside some story of Plaxico Buress' idiotic episode that lands him in jail for gun possession and shooting himself? Give me a break!

And it took ESPN a good few hours to even add that little link in the first place while every other news and sports venues were falling over themselves in the minutes after the race to be the first to have photos and video up on their web pages as the lead story. This from ESPN, a site that calls itself a world leader in sports. World leader my a$$!. Only if its related to the myopic world of U.S.A professional sports. That's why I think Sports Illustrated got ya all beat.

Still as much as I like Bolt on the cover of SI, I'm a little apprehensive cause we all know about the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. I mean how many premier athletes have been on the cover one week only to completely screw up or get injured or lose big time the following week. Is a Sports Illustrated Obeah I tell ya. Well if you believe in these things that is. Somebody give Bolt a bush bath quick nuh!

So maybe its a conspiracy by the U.S to offset Bolt by putting him on the SI cover which leads to him screwing up or falling down or something which then leads back to them dominating the track and field world again. Hmmmm. If allya hear bolt have an ingrown toenail next week then ya know what happen.

Conspiracy I tell ya. Hey it could happen. I mean if they claiming Michael Jackson murder could be a conspiracy why not right?


Scratchie said...

Why not is right Jdid. It could well be that they are setting him up.

Crankyputz said...

what are your thoughts around the whole South African female runner, who they suspect is a woman?

Anonymous said...

As I have said before the U.S. media only gives a damn when the 100m sprint champion, world record holder wears the red, white and blue.
At least BOLT has some class. Doesn't trash talk and he gets the job done.

Conspiracy? Everything seems to be a conspiracy these days

Regarding the South African runner that is just pure jealousy from her competitors Nobody likes to behind by a new and dominant runner. Back in the day they even talked about Jarmilla K. Just seeing her you might have sworn she was a man. Some people are built differently and some develop differently.

They should have done the tests and then announced the results. The whole affair was badly handled. The media coverage was uncalled for. I am sure if she was from the U.S. they would have lawsuits being filed against the accusers and the sport's governing body.

Anonymous said...

great sense of pride.

Abeni said...

First I know that SI cover persons are followed by bad luck. Bolt will continue his record breaking ways and be the first not to be affected:)

Anonymous said...

i think ESPN just likes saying "Plaxico". LOL

Anonymous said...













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