Friday, September 18, 2009

Grabbalicious or too tiefy

INDIANAPOLIS - A woman who worked catering events for the University of Notre Dame says it was her lucky day when the school tipped her $29,000 in her check. But now the university is suing to get back the money she says she's already spent......

Notre Dame contends Gaspar should have been paid only $29.87, but was overpaid because of a typing error. The school says in a lawsuit filed Aug. 27 in South Bend that Gaspar did not notify the school about the error, and instead spent the money knowing it wasn't hers.

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Now I know some wont agree with me here but seriously she really thought they gave her a $29,000 tip on a 29 dollar bill? Get real now!

Look this is a recession, even in the bling bling days of nuff waste and thing so money was probably tight at most universities (if not why dem always calling ya, interrupting ya dinner asking for donations uh?), dem wasnt gine give she no $29,000 tip. Is not like universities is philanthropists like Bill Gates and Oprah and them other big money fellas that duz walk into a diner and gi way a bus load of gold and three pints a magic beans.

I mean for one it would be highly highly improper from my viewpoint for any university to be giving she summuch money as a tip when university fees all over duz be going up year after year to the point where a fair number of the average students duz be ketching hell, finding all sorta ways legal and illegal, to finance a degree. I mean if the university got that sorta money to rain on caterers use ya common sense them shud be lowering school fees or something so.

Now alright maybe she did call and nobody got back to her from the university, although the university say she aint call, but I still feel she had an onus to go back to the people place and say look I feel wunnah overpay me, this cheque aint look right at all. Give me some sorta info as to if this is really for me or not. Confirm all this is mine, dot the is and cross the ts and let me get it in writing or talk to a big up to mek sure I can go and spend this. Not say oh well them aint call me back, so I guess um musse mine. I mean 29,000 aint like 10 dollars that ya might see blow cross the road that ya can go pick up and say well this is my lucky day.

Man nuttin so doan come fa free, ya duz even gotta pay a two dollar to win the lottery. She too tiefy and grabbilicious. Looka try an pay the people back dem money ya ol crook ya.


Dao of Photography said...

This is hilarious! How could she think that the money was a tip but further, how does one go about writing a cheque for $29,000 when the bill is $29? Who is running AP at this school? I wonder what the legal obligations are in the situation. Does she have to pay it back by law or since the cheque was made out to her is the university out the funds?

Anonymous said...

Common sense is not common. Honesty?
How does $29.00 become $29000.00? How did she manage to cash the cheque? I am sure that was more than her annual gross and she has spent it already. That $29 sure has become very expensive.

Both parties are at fault and somebody has to pay.

Common sense is not common.

Chief Lymer said...

Not bright of her at all. Personally I am sceptical of something that seems too good to be true - it usually is. She definitley should have checked it out.

cooldestiny said...

Tief shi tief.

Guyana-Gyal said...

She never thought she woulda get ketch?

I BET you any bet, if they did short she pay, they woulda hear from she right away though, she woulda find a way now, now to let them hear she mouth.

Anonymous said...

No free rides or easy money out there.
Pay the money back. You have been given your 15 minutes of fame.

Some people!

Abeni said...

If it is too good to be true then it usually is. I won't have spent it at all

corvedacosta said...

It is a sad case but she should have reported this from the moment she saw the huge tip-mistake.

This is just ridiculous and the university must take some blame too for making such a mistake.

Tami says: said...

Why don't you have a subscription link for your page?

Miz JJ said...

She should have known they would come looking for their money, but it's their error.

Radmila said...

She probably thought that they could afford it and that they are such a huge bureaucracy that it might go unnoticed. And it very well could have.

Her claiming that she thought it was a tip is really stupid. She knew very well that it was an error. Now, they need to weigh whether it's going to cost them more to sue her than to eat the loss.

It might be cheaper to just let her keep the money.

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