Friday, September 11, 2009

Hugh Hef

(I staying way from all things Caster Semenya he/she related)

but eh eh, allya hear that Hugh Hefner getting divorce? Yes Hugh Hefner, the playboy fella, playboy mansion, playboy bunnies, ol gal-yst, trailor load a girl, world a girl, nuff gal an gal in a bundle fella. Yes, that Hugh Hefner.

Well the first question I had was wait Hugh Hefner married fa true? Wha I dont think many people did know that. Cause I mean the man doan live in the Playboy Mansion wid he girlfriends and have a a gazillion young tings in skimpy undress running roun the house? I mean I know fellas that wanta grow up to be Hugh Hefner. (not me mind you I barely dodging death wid de one I got so I aint want nuh multiple womens to kill me). And now you telling me the man Hugh Hef was married? Man wunnah lie!

And the big joke is Hugh Hefner claim the ex-wife horn he. He say she cheat on he during the marriage.

Well looka muh crosses. Imagine this man got woman galore an complaining he divorcing cause the wife cheat on he. Wha all I could do is laugh.

But looka this ting fa true. On anudda note though now I aint know if wunnah familar wid dis story but recently the rapper Nas get divorce from he wife Kelis. De woman got a chile fa he an he gotta pay $9000 a month in child support and anudda $30 something thousand a month in spousal support to she cause apparently she duz only mek a measly, poor-raky, $13,000 a month which apparently is not enuff ta properly raise nuh chile on. Supposedly! Meanwhile nuff a we would be glad to see $13,000 every year or 6 months furthermore a month. Chupse!

Anyways you would imagine that Nas a lil two by three rapper, nuh disrespect son, you good but you aint nuh Jay-Z, Jigga big figure, "business, man not a business man" type paying a whopping $44,000 in support monthly and big Huge Hef, multi multi-millionaire, founder and owner and chief top dog of the Playboy skin out empire only paying he ex-wife $20,000 a month?

Wha cuhdear Nas you get unfair boy.


Anonymous said...

Nothing fair about that. Where did he find his lawyer?

The new welfare find a black man with money, give him a piece and a child and take way all his money.

Abeni said...

He wife horn he? lol and Hef din't expect this.Poor fella must be senile too

GC (God's Child) said...

that's rough, really rough--maybe HH ex-wife said 2 can play that game

Anonymous said...

Hugh must have a MUCH better lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Tell Hef to act his age and stop sampling the product.

At least Hef knows how to block the way into the gold mine.

Jacqueline Smith said...

New vocab for me, in Jamaica we say bun not horn. In this case we say bun fi bun.

Anonymous said...













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