Monday, September 28, 2009

Choices choices

Man I just love people in the fast food service industry. Minimum wage is a hell of a motivator. NOT!

Take for instance today. I order lunch at this fast food place. Service ahead of me was real surly cause a woman ask for some pepper sauce and the way the server throw it on her tray it was like de woman was a beggar rather than a paying customer.

So I make my order and the server woman asks

"what sauce you want with that?"

"What are my choices" I ask.

"ammm, Barbecue, Sweet n sour or Ranch."

"Ok I'll take Sweet n Sour."

Without even breaking eye contact, without even glancing at the sauces, the woman then says.

"We only have Barbecue."

Now if I did throw a big rock at she, allya wud say I cruel but why she give me choices when she know that there were no options? Dat cud mek sense?? stupid stupid people. lawd ave mercy.


Dao of Photography said...

Sounds like she was having a great Monday attitude! LOL - I hope the food was good at least!

Abeni said...

lol,that's funny. You sure the woman wasn't practicing for a part in a comedy show?

Empath said...

Lol, too funny.

Anonymous said...

LOL, like you stepped into Misery's West Indian Restaurant. LOL.

Crankyputz said...

haha, yes Misery WI is where u were at....

that's hilarious!

nahmix said...

Monday morning blues, perhaps? I hate rude behavior though. I get that customer service jobs suck. I don't doubt that people on the front lines are shitted on the most, but I still think people in such positions who behave in that manner need an attitude adjustment.

Andrea said...

She just preparing you for if you ever move back home to Bim and have to deal with pretty much anybody.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I does hear about people like she doing that, but I does never believe. Tell me it happen fo' true and you ain't make it up.

Jdid said...

guyana gyal this one true true

AirBourne said...

Check it...

Ordered a Bulldog (large beef sausage hotdog) at Shell Worthing last night, Putting away the change and girl hollers:


Dunno what happen but I start quoting DeNiro? "Um, you talkin' to me? You could NOT be talkin' to me? My buying this Bulldog helps pay ur salary - what you SHOULD BE SAYING IS..."

Drew breath in with a hiss here, she eyes went wiiiiide, never had this so, huh?


The girl sneers at me, and laughs all the while she makin' the food as if to say "U must be some kind'a idiot!"

Boy, was i glad she mek de hotdog in front of me, God knows if she was left alone - but here's the kicker?

I ask where the Supervisor is and it's the cashier right next to her!!! Why not take her to one side ASAP before she even start to serve me?