Friday, October 02, 2009


I still trying to understand this whole Roman Polanski arrest thing. This thing just got me scratching my head.

No is not that he just get arrest although I seriously wondering why dem aint try and get he lil sooner. Um is that people in Hollywood actually signing petitions in support of a man that openly admit that he commit statutory rape.

I mean doan get me wrong, I think summa dese young girls way too fast an forceripe but come on man, a 43 year old man sleeping wid a 13 year old? That is beyond ridiculous. A man old enuff to be she father. A man old enough to have seen life and to know right from wrong.

No man no excuses at all cant save he. he cudda been drunk, high, or mad an I still find his acts inexcusable.

An den de man plead guilty and run away from the law like he feel he name Dr Kimble in de Fugitive. Yet these people like Whoopi Goldberg and Woody Allen etc got the audacity to support he. Well Woody Allen I aint surprised bout cause he got a freakiness in he too sleeping wid he adopted daughter or step daughter or whatever um was. Sick sick people. Doan let me even mention the rumours bout Morgan Freeman cause he is a fella dat really mek muh shame lately.

But back to Polanski. Boy celebrity status is a ting aint it? You dun know if this was you, me or Joe sixpack that was accused a this crime and had plead guilty and then went on the lam and end up in France working in somebody vineyard or at somebody factory mekkin shoelaces or door handles that nuhbody din signing nuh petition fa we. Everybody wud be like well he do the crime an he deserve ta guh jail and let the other criminals deal wid he. I lie?

But cause this Polanski fella is a man dat mek summuch an summuch movies now he special, so we should gi he a pass. Man hell no. Let he guhlong ta court and face justice just like everybody else.

Wunnah hollywood people need jesus that is wha. Supporting a criminal like he so dat troubling lil girls. shame shame on wunnah.


GC (God's Child) said...

yes. Shame on all of them. And R. Kelly too.

Abeni said...

I hope they throw the book at him. Whoopi and co just plain ridiculous supporting a man who already admitted to raping the girl

Guyana-Gyal said...

I think the girl, married with 3 sons, living in Hawaii, said she wants the whole thing to be dropped.

She said the media and the court and citizens did so much damage to her and her mother that it overshadowed the rape.

She said what hurts her most is how people bad-mouthed her mother who still suffers from all that today.

I think the state said the girl doesn't have a choice in the matter anymore.