Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another example

Sorry to make this a celebrity blog the last few days (but since nuhbody aint reading anyways then whatever) .

Let me just briefly talk bout this David Letterman thing. Talk show host David Letterman get on his show last week and came clean about him having relationships with women who used to work for him in the past. Basically it came out cause somebody was blackmailing him.

While I feel for him and all that clearly he is being handled with the celebrity gloves (which are even softer than kids gloves by the way) cause seriously having relations with lackeys and underlings is just a really really bad thing to do. This aint no Mad Men era. This is 2009. Any other non-celebrity boss who was doing something like, even if they come clean and sounded contrite would probably have been shown the door for that inappropriate behaviour. I mean this is David Letterman, as weird looking as he looks he's famous as anyone in the showbiz world and it's not like the man would be hard done to find some chicks outside the workplace to have relations with.

But since he is a ratings magnet, CBS is dealing with him like nothing happened. Just lets pretend there is nothing to see here and it will go away.

And before someone says oh shut up its his personal business who cares. Well it is his personal business but its an ethical breech of code. If he was picking up random chicks or dudes in a bar , then that is a personal thing but when ya hitting on coworkers and staff thats just not only messed up its wrong.

But its not like Dave's going be fired or even reprimanded. So whatever


Chief Lymer said...

You're right - it's not good that he doesn't have to pay a price like anyone lese would. But also, it's time (when these things happen) for people to give a thought to the wrongness of adultery especially as it relates to the wronged spouse. It's bad enough he did it and will not pay for it professionally but thnk of the pain he's caused his wife. Alaround not anything he should be proud of and he should be penalised in some way toehrwise I guess he can do what he lieks as long as he's good at his job eh?

Guyana-Gyal said...

What you mean, nuhbody aint reading? Iz who you calling 'nuhbody'? Anyway, I got to go and teach one class with 3 people, I gon come back when I done...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Actually, I think the blackmailer is the nasty one here.