Friday, October 09, 2009


Now doan get me wrong. I still like the Obama fella but I really really scratching mi head ova wha he do to deserve to win a Nobel Peace prize today. Especially considering that dem say the deadline for the submission was sometime in late January or so just two weeks into his actual presidency.

I mean dem start giving Nobel prizes based on potential now like NBA draft pick positions? Cause the man aint really do nuttin in my opinion to win this prize and lewwe not go down that potential path cause doan let me gotta tell wunnah how that work out some years in the NBA wid fellas like Olawakandi, Andrew Bogut and Kwame Browne getting number one picks.

I mean in all fairness Obama is better than Bush and he's trying (even if not really succeeding by my standards anyways) but still wha um is he do to get a Nobel Peace prize? Ya mean to say the other competition was suh weak dat he run way wid um so?

Wait or is wunnah feel that at the Nobel prize presentation ceremony Kanye West gine jump up pun the stage tek the mic from Obama and tell we who shudda really really win this award?

Well boy I aint kno but I hayso trying to figure um out and could only conclude that the Nobel committee was trying to manners President Obama. And yes he is now well manners-ed. Allya might look at me like wha you talkin bout Jdid but let me explain.

I simply tellin wunnah dat dem sneaky Nobel fellas tek a leaf outta Dubya book an this is a preemptive strike. See by giving Obama the Peace prize now he cant guh an start nuh sorta wars nuh time soon. He hands tied. Lock off, tie down, under heavy manners, restricted, manners-ed.

Ya cud juss see Obama standing up by the whiteboard in de Oval office this morning, after receiving the news, wid he to do list chupsing and vex vex vex.

- lets see now hmmm invade Iran and give dem Ayatolla bwoy a good beating. chupse! gotta cross dat out now.

- Yes I, send more troops to Afghanistan to lash dem Tailiban rudebwoy, mek dem guhway! cha, cant even do that.

- Invade North Ko...... nope nope cant even think about that one now

- ah ha! rough up that likkle (insert relevant clot) yout Chavez down in a South America. (Advisor shakes head.) mi ave fi cross dat one deya off too? cha mi cant even rough im up likkle bit?

- Lash anudda fly in a de studio. What! how ya mean PETA would consider that an act of war. Mi ave fi cross dat wun out too?

- Invade Canada and annex Alberta to get some oil.... well naa, well umm , ummm well maybe, naa, well. see mi, mi will leave that fi now. I really dont think anyone would notice if I do it though.


Abeni said...

I saw a funny tweet on this. Ps I still want you to join me on twitter. Anyway here goes.Dear Diary:Today Marge Simpson will appear on the cover of Playboy, Nasa bombs the moon and Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize #twilightzone

Miz JJ said...

If Arafat has a Nobel Prize then Obama can get one.

GC (God's Child) said...

I thought this prize was given for accomplishment
hmm... I'm with you on this
All due respect and admiration but I feel like the prize money would have done a great deal of good for the efforts of some of the other nominees such as the Congolese OB/GYN surgeon who works to treat women gang raped by Congolese militia or another Doctor who has worked for 20 years to bring healthcare and reproductive services to Afghan women suppressed by the Taliban. . .$1.4 million could have done so much good but the committe has possibly damned so many desperate people who could have been helped with this prize money.

Anonymous said...

This award was uncalled for and is so political. Osama i mean Obama has done nothing to get tha award. I thought the award took hard work, determination and guts, balls and a track record to show for it. I guess not, all you need is inspiration. What are we teaching our kids?

Anonymous said...

ah wha wrong wid wunna, anytime ah black man cud win de U.S Presidency ova ah political powa house white woman den he deserves the Nobel peace price. He deserve it just fuh dealing wid de ignurant republicans and conservatives Bill O'Rileys, Rush Limbaughs and dem likes..hell he deserve dah prize fuh having de guts tuh tek ova dis schitz that Dubuya leff fuh he.

Jdid said...

I think some of y'all really do miss the point

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, Jdid, this is the best view I read on this issue. I never thought of it this way, I going to share dis wid everybody.

nahmix said...

his winning made me uneasy, but i'm prayerful on his behalf and on his vision.