Monday, September 27, 2010

The Banton

Ah here waiting to see what verdict the jury will bring back in the Buju Banton case. Been waiting since all Friday when they were rumors he was found not guilty and released but that was false and now it look like they all deadlock over the fate of the dreadlock seen.

Actually breaking news is new trial set for December hmm.

Anyways Karel have a nice little article about buju and what to learn from his trials over at Outlish which worth a read but I have a lil something to say.

Now before I say what I have to say though let me start by saying mi love Buju to the max. Ask anybody he is by far and aways my favorite dancehall/reggae singer. Now I came of age in the Lovingdeer/Shabba Rankin doan bend down, peeny peeny pun you era but when Buju hit with tunes like love black woman and the like that sealed it for me. Then later on tunes like Deportees, Murderer, Easy Road, Untold Stories, Til I'm laid to rest, Tribal War etc just blew me away. Actually I will argue that Til Shiloh is undoubtedly the definite dancehall/reggae album of the last two decades but then considering that many albums of the dancehall genre arent that good that dont say that much so let me say that stacked against any album of any genre in the last two decades Til Shiloh will be in my top 5. The Banton is a lyrical champion my yout!

And so seeing as I have so much respect and admiration for the man's work and find so much of it inspirational (one day things must get better) it is hard for me to say this and nuff people wont agree but say it I shall.

Buju ya deserve jail!

Wunnah hear me good? Buju ya deserve pieca jail fa true.

An no I aint arguing bout whether ya guilty or not or whether its fair for you to be in jail I just saying ya deserve jail. Why? Well ya show a real lack of common sense by getting yaself into this situation. This is the ultimate in igrance and I would have thought a big man like you would know better.

Is not only that ya cavorting with the wrong crowd which is a no no but ya act like eddiat and see the man come round ya wid cocaine so an stand up and let the man set ya up easy so (if that is the true story). Ya was complacent and ya should know better. I mean first off ya well know that nuff people dey in America naa like you. Nuff a dem still vex bout Boom Bye Bye and complain ya homophobic and would like nothing better than to be rid of ya so ya shoulda walk easy and know ya place star. If I was you once I land in America I would be acting like a veritable choir boy. I din looking fa anytime crime related at all at all, man I din even jaywalking then. Straight and narrow my yout. Like an arrow!

It aint like ya was back a yard where the man dem might gi ya some respect. The man dem in the US naa like ya. Ya shoulda well know at some point somebody woulda try to mess ya up but yet ya went an fall fa this setup. Ya shoulda never put yaself in this situation.

Eediat you a eeediat my yout!

Look from the time the man come roun you wid cocaine talk, you shoulda shift he, driva move off doan stop atall, leff him there one time. Or tell him you not into that business. Tell him you a studio gangsta, tell him story an lie that ya used to do dat but no more, tell he whatever but dont get involve in that at all. Dont be trying no show off business, dont let them get ya in trouble so. Even if ya shady remember is you self say tief never love fi see tief wid long bag. Doan get tie up in foolishness man. Stupid stupid stupid!

An this is why I feel ya deserve jail. Cause ya really aint had no right in this situation at all. Big man like you shoulda know better by far.

But even though I say ya deserve it cuhdear I still hope ya get off though. I mean nuff odda people do worse hat you an walk so dem could gi you a ease too. Free the Banton! I hope this will show ya to be more careful in the future but ya is still an eediat.

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ac said...

and tuk tink e mudda always tell he dat he talk too mudh. Eddiat true dat!