Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So they, the powers that be, keep saying that the recession is getting better, that things are looking up. But me, I beg to differ cause even though I don't have no figures and no all compassing idea of what is happening all around the nation common sense tell me that this recession still going full bore.

Every time I walk by certain streets I see more and more businesses closed. A few weeks back three days in a row I close different lunch spots in different areas only to get there and see the store fronts closed. Yes blame me I is a blight on restaurants (and tv shows too but that is another story.)

Then there are the amount of people I know who telling me they cant find jobs, specially recent grads in certain fields. People who say we been looking for almost a year and things brown like grass when the heat wave hit we this past summer. I mean how um duz feel when you go an wuk ya behind off at university, borrowing dollars and spending money to further education so that you could have a better life an then you finish school and skkkrrrrzzz jobs scarce scarce like seeing black people in de winter.

So what really going on. The official story is the worse dun pass but at ground level um aint really looking so ya kno.

An ya know I juss had to laff although um aint funny cause I now realize I post something similar so just last year too. So things like dem aint getting nuh better. hmmmm


GC {God's Child} said...

they are just saying things so that we don't start rioting and so that we keep spending money
if people think the recession is getting worse they will save what little they have

Guyana-Gyal said...

I keep telling people to come to Guyana but noooobody ain't bothering wit' me. Come, we ain't have recession. Oh but way, we ain't know how plenty o' them here earning their $$...

But anyway, when the recession done [and it MUST done], people gon fuhget all the lessons about saving, watch and see.