Thursday, September 16, 2010


So Premier Mcguinty wants the school boards to allow cellphones in class arguing that teachers can show students how to use smart phones to access information on the internet.

To this I simply ask is which cellphone company you promoting Mr Premier? Rogers, Bell, Telus and the rest duz already mek tummuch money off all we. Smartphones don't grow on trees ya kno! And besides phone duz need contract, and de stupid smartphone specially duz need smarter and more expensive data plan pun top a contract to do anything smart-ish which duz leff ya pockets smarting and ya duz cann even afford two Smarties when the day dun.

Ya want we now to have to buy cellphones for the children now on top a books, on top a computers, on top of every lil fund raising thing every two minutes at the school? cuhdear man. Dem cell companies aint mekkin enuff profit off we. Play you smart deyso den.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Jdid, you should send your blog posts to the newspapers, leh dem see how you feel about issues. Or write letters.

What get me is this...with all this info. going around, how come people still ain't gain much wisdom?

What happen to good ol' book and pencil and brain?

Abeni said...

A parent wanted me to allow her 7 yr old to bringa cell phone to the class so that she could contact the child to see how she is doing.

You think it easy these days

GC {God's Child} said...

putting the cart before the horse
info first
tech later