Monday, December 13, 2010

Manners vs Weather

Yea I been MIA but I still around just busy. Hope allya my 3 or 4 devoted readers are well. :-)

Well people we here in Toronto getting lash wid de cold these past few days. I mean every since last week with just a little respite over the weekend it been cold cold cold. I mean winter aint even officially start yet and we all down in windchill of -24 Celcius which is weather usually reserved for the bitterly cold days of late January and early February.

So thank God for layers cause without layers I would dun have frostbite and freeze to death already. See me walking bout looking like the goodyear blimp but doan feel no way fashion takes a backseat to warmth in these cold days.

But I notice a thing on the way in to work the last few days. The colder or worse the weather, the more unmannerly, piggish the people on the streets commuting to work duz get. Doan matter if dem driving on the bus or subway or walking is like everybody like dem put on dem hog suit when dem get up in de marnin. Lawd ave mercy, a fella near lik muh down pushing to get to the train this morning an he aint even say sorry, beg ya pardon, my dog my cat nuttin so. Just bram push guhlong. Chupse!

Anyways since people nowadays duz get all sorta big money to study and prove all sorta stupid things that anybody wid common sense know since birth I figure I should apply for some grant money to study this hoggish phenomenon. I gine start writing up something pretty pretty wid big words like positive correlation and statistical analysis and covariance an effect and hand it in an see if dem gi muh two coppers to do my study.

I mean it sometimes seem like dem duz gi muney to people to do studies like if ya stan out in the hot sun too long ya stand a chance a ketching heatstroke and rain duz only fall from the sky not come out the ground, stupid stupid things so. So why not let me do my lil study to find conclusive proof bout this unmannerly people thing.

A mean an if I juss so happen to use some a de money for a trip to the Caribbean during winter I could always say that I comparing and contrasting the niceness factor of people in the Caribbean warmth to the unmannerly hogs up hay in the cold. Ya feel I in the caribbean pun vacation no man I juss being through wid my study. Juss cause I would be deyso sipping a pretty drink wid an umbrella sprawl out in the sun doan get vex an think I aint wukkin or that I enjoying pieca sun. No man this is hard wuk I would be doing doan grudge de I. I just being thorough in trying to prove mi hypothesis.

Oh well if only!


GC {God's Child} said...

start with the vitamin D deficiency
I bet people feel like they can be nice if their brain has all the stuff it needs

Guyana-Gyal said...

I have a' idea, I have a' idea.

Instead o' you going to the trouble of leaving ya home and family all alone over there, to come here, I can do the Caribbean part of the study for you. Then you can pay me.

I will suffer and go to Negril, Jamaica, all for the sake of work. St. Elizabeth would be hard work too.

Guyana-Gyal said...

P.S. I would do this research for free, actually, as long as the study grant can pay me airfare and hotel and food bill.

WizzyTheStick said...

Thx for your comment on my blog. Sorry so late in getting back to you. I don't frind things anydifferent in t'dad. It may not be cold but the holiday stress makes folks just as crazy. Try finding a park in the mall this time of the year you'll see lol

Abeni said...

Happy New Year Jdid

Trican said...

I moved home 2 years ago from Toronto. I have missed Toronto, specifically I have missed things and people actually working. But when I think about moving back, these sort of temperatures make me think, it's not so important to get a passport in less than 2 months right? LOL