Thursday, January 20, 2011



Josh Le donned the same pair of skin-tight jeans for 15 months without washing them. The idea was to break in the raw denim so the fabric would hug the contours of his body, leaving distinct wear lines and creases.

The fella wear the same pair of jeans almost every day for 15 months straight without washing dem. Can you say stinky and frowsy?

What got me is the picture of the fella in the news article all happy an smiling. What he smiling bout? If I did wearing de same jeans for 15 months straight widout washing dem I wun be so excited. in fact I aint know bout wunnah but I wud be shame to let anybody at all see my face.

And I have to ask this. He aint have no girlfriend or woman? I assuming not cause what respectable young lady wud go out wid a fella wid dat sorta hygene?

An dat is anudda thing wid de smiling thing. Who going want to go out wid him now after reading that and seeing his big smiling photo? Oh wait you is the fella wid de frowzy pants? Uh uh I busy fa the rest a de year amm life doan call me back thank you.

I tellin ya even if he cyber dating de man destined to be a bachelor for life.

Oh well. I guess he happy with his discovery and all but I guess society where he from not like society where I from cause if dat was me not only me wud be shame but my family wud disown me one time. Dem wud feel I mental or something. I could see my mudda sayin "an sumting juss went wrong wid de boy head, like somebody gi he sumting to mek he stupidity stupidity, walkin roun wearing dem frowzy pants all the time. Last time he pass by I wun let he in de house an I had a mind to throw some jaysfluid pun he".

And of course I would be forever nicknamed frowzy pants.

And people would see mi family and whisper "hey ya see he, yes he, he family to the frowzy pants ya kno" and all mi family shame shame shame.


Crankyputz said...

Now I missed these funny posts...

I remember in the 80s when my friends older brother told me he had never washed his jeans.....dirty....but they sure did fit him CP is back...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Haha, since when boys have shame? I think my brothers would've done something similiar, but I think my mother got to the clothes in time.