Thursday, January 27, 2011

A thought

Is funny sometimes how thoughts duz get into ya head aint it. And for me my thoughts duz go off on some serious tangents sometimes. Like today on the way back from lunch I see a young lady with half of her head dyed in a shockingly pink colour.

And not only that but the hair did match the hot pink with purple at the bottom jacket which match the pink pants she was wearing which match the pink and white handbag she had in her hands. Only thing wasnt matching was the knapsack on her back which was an interesting multi-coloured florescent collage centering around a flamboyant green.

Which got me thinking....

Multicoloured knapsack..... coat of many colours .....Joseph in the bible. And I begin to think what would happen if the bible times was these days or the bible scribes was people from these modern times.

Well I wont even go into how Potiphar's wife try to do a ting wid Joseph and how we would probably be describing her as a cougar but I was focused on Joseph and the coat.

Joseph bredren beat him up and cast him into the well cause his father had given him this special coat and they were jealous.Ya done know if that was these times it would have been Joseph getting some "new brand name gear" from his father and the brothers jealous cause his gear was fresher than theirs (wait does anyone use that word fresh anymore?) doper gear? He was dressed in the new hotness, the guicci, the Louis V while their gear was wack, cheap bargain bin ish.

So what they do? well like many a yout up to today, they jack Joseph for his gear except it aint like they could wear it or they could let the father know that they beat up their own brother for the clothes so they rip up the gear and throw him in a well.

See how they say things dont change. Look how we have people beating up each other for clothes even in the bible.

That is as far as the thinking get. Stay tuned...


Guyana-Gyal said...

T'ings might change but people don't. Is true, people still gettin beat up for clothes and shoes 'round dis way here.

Abeni said...

nothing new under the sun eh