Tuesday, August 02, 2011

All about me

Neighborhoods are now hoods cause nobody's neighbors
Just animals surviving with that animal behavior

Stakes is High - De la Soul

We had a little discussion on the bus this morning, mi a a bredren. Reflecting on how in this society patience is a bad word and every lil thing people duz be ready to fly up in somebody face like how fowl cock duz puff up dem neck feathers when dey ready to fight. A society on edge.

"Is a all about me society we live in" he say. An me was agreeing cause it seem like everybody these days vex or ready to be vex at the drop of a hat. Maybe is the advances in technology we got that get we so an got we so own way and me me me first. Ya think is coincidence that summuch a we best selling technology name i this an i dat: I-pod and i-pad and i-touch and I everything or ya did thought Steve Jobs was a rasta? I-man say no dread.

Everything on hand now quick quick quick so we patience is a very thin layer that worn thin wid de slightest touch. You bump, I cuss, I scrape, you cuss. Forgiveness non-existent.

And is only gettin worse-er. As each generation gets possibly more tolerant of differences and about old biases towards others they somehow become more intolerant more me-centered in their interactions with others.


Guyana-Gyal said...

It ain't too bad here, when I think of it. Is only them people who don't have no brought-upsy on the road, but otherwise...

Abeni said...

I hear you.Some folks really edgy,a lot of pent up anger at play

chrome said...

well look at the recent riots in London. all sorts of commentators pondering on its causes but not one can coherently point out why the youth are vex. are the pending government cuts to social services ain't even started yet!