Sunday, August 14, 2011

Still striving

Wow! It just occurred to me that today is August 14th and its my blogversary!! 7 years! (cue confetti, fireworks and bring out cake).

Not a lot to say though, been a year of few posts so hopefully the next year if I get that far will have more although who knows maybe I should just quit and go peacefully into the night. Oh well!

Anyway as always thanks to all my fans and readers new and old and to my fellow bloggers big up and nuff respect.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Just so dry, dry you want to end? I miss the tale of things you see / hear around Canada.

Anyway, have some chocolate cake for me.

I want chocolate.

chrome said...

happy anniversary jdid, your blogs come along way and as always the quality remains very high.

big up!

Jdid said...

Guyana gyal, I aint retiring yet. I still have nuff to say well maybe a little more to say.

Thanks Chrome!

Marc M said...

Jdid thanks for 7 years of quality blogging and I know, for I have read your blog a lot of those 7 years. Big up from "Poet in Wisconsin". Bless!!

Abeni said...

Congrats mi bredren..All of us posting sporadically but where we leaving to go?

Diedra B said...

congrats Jdid
it's hard to keep keeping on
glad you're still blogging

MarkD60 said...

Happy Blog birthday!

Jdid said...

thanks guys!