Wednesday, September 07, 2011


So I started watching this show on the history channel called one Ancient Aliens. All about why we had visitors to earth from the stars way back in the dinosaur days and how such and such a finding supports that theory. Its a bit out there.

Now I ain't saying I believe in aliens and like with everything, I watch this show with a discerning eye but I do find it interesting some of their theories and hypotheses and how they try to tie things together.

What I find even more fascinating than the theories are the very real places on earth that they use to illustrate their alien claims. For instance I didn't know about the underground "man made" or as they would theorize alien made caverns in the Cappadoca region. Caverns that are well ventilated and that could hold about 20,000 people and are surmised to be 100s if not 1000 of years old.

Anyway what I wanted to say is I find that these expert fellas duz try and stretch everything to fit their theory though. Like if they find a big head statue they duz say boy that is a statue of an alien wid bugly eyes and abig head. Or see how the ancient people draw dat stick figure wid three fingers well that was a three fingered alien that they encounter. Or boy we find a coin wid a dog head on it an it proves that back in the day this particular civilization was ruled by a race of big breed dogs.

And they always find these ancient sites and say well no way the ancient man could have built that by himself so clearly it was alien tractor beams and space ships and ion beams that build this pyramid or underground castle or whatever.

Anyway I rambling and just wanted to say this to them fellas. First allya aint know what dem ancient fellas was like, Suppose dem did know more dan we, who tell you we so damn intelligent compared to them or that they needed extra-terrestrial help to build what they build.

Secondly allya never hear about abstract art? Just cause wunnah find a painting wid a man wid a elephant head doan mean dat it is wha somebody really see. Are you saying that the ancient people aint had no imagination? Dat an ancient artist couldn't have said let me do a lil abstract thing or draw a cow head on a cockroach body.

If a fella millions of years from now discover one of we abstract art pieces I hope he aint suh foolish to conclude some a de tings dese fellas duz conclude.

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Diedra B said...

i needed a laugh. . .
I've seen bits of that show. Amazing. I think they said Moses was an alien, or something ridiculous like that.