Monday, September 12, 2011


I wukkin down near de heart of TIFF these days. By TIFF I mean de Toronto International Film Festival and by the Heart of TIFF I mean downtown near King St W and de Bell lightbox where alot of the TIFF activities duz happen.

What got me, being as this is my first experience being in the heart of TIFF, is how crowded the sidewalks duz be down there outside de people hotel and cinema. Nuff nuff people line off den! And it aint juss people that coming to see the films, is a whole heap a paparazzi wid big camera plus it seems like a whole heap a lawless people usually camera in hand, who play dem star gazing an hoping to ketch a sight of a celebrity.

Well I aint see nuhbody worth shouting bout yet and it aint like I really looking cause I doan understand this celebrity watching thing. Like for instance Friday or Thursday gone ya shoulda see the streets pack, ya cudda barely pass, because Brad Pitt and George Clooney was in town and people salivating at the thought a seeing dem.

And of course Brad brought Angelina. One woman had the nerve to ask me if I din waiting round to ketch a glimpse a Angelina. I had to let she know straight that if I want to see a white woman wid 6 differently colored pickney, mi live in Scarborough and mi aint have to come all de way downtown to see dat.

But I dont understand the celebrity star gazing, dying to juss ketch a glimpse of a fella thing. I mean if dem was lettin off a few dollars to the crowd I cud see the draw or if a fella was giving way drinks or turning water to wine then maybe I wud say well I wanta see dat but just leffing home to go and see a man or woman. de same man or wman as you or me juss cause dem from hollywood? Wha duh aint even doing a scene from ona dem movies, all dem doing is walkin bout wid nuff nuff bodyguard and dark shades trying to avoid you. So what is de point?


Guyana-Gyal said...

I ain't know whaz the point but I want to see Hugh Jackman cos he is tall and good-lookin'. I wouldn't scream and carry on though, I would just look

Diedra B said...

yes, something free and I might brave the crowd but still and for all I don't want to get pickpocketed or anything so I never mind celebrities thank you very much